The world's newest newspaper - The Daily... Fail

Rupert Murdoch is currently on stage in New York unveiling New International's new iPad app and daily newspaper - The Daily. Gizmodo weren't invited to the party, so they published all the details before the presentation began.

So what does news in Murdoch's digital age look like? While the world's media are watching  the event, we cross to The Daily's blog to read more about this new era of journalism:

Bitterwallet - The Daily... Fail


  • PokeHerPete
    Who is this Murdoch? Isn't he one of the guys in Gorillaz. PS. What is Google? PSS. How do magnets work?
  • steve b.
    aah, Pete - you're on fire today. No, not literally. Get back to your magnets.
  • Nob
    All the shit they are going to cover - you can get that on the internet and more besides.
  • Codify
    To be fair, that blog post on The Daily was a lot more insightful and humourous than most of the stuff posted on BW.
  • Brad
    Fuckin' magnets! How do they work?
  • Stu_
    Grr can't post links, but check out the privacy policy!
  • Ray
    Well I'm glad it's not available in the UK yet!

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