The world's first random tattoo! Because that's just what we need!

Here’s one of the wackiest, most imaginative uses of a QR code that we’ve ever seen. It’s an actual tattoo, and when it is scanned, a different link is opened… EVERY SINGLE TIME.

According to its maker at The Random Tattoo, it could be a video, a picture, a phrase, a weather forecast, or a tweet. Crazy! Kooky! Utterly fucking dickish.

Down with this sort of thing!


  • br04dyz
    doesn't seem that goes to the same website over and over. The content of the website may be random, but not the QR code. Still would sting like a bitch tho
  • Mike H.
    I have a barcode tattoo. When you scan it with your iPhone it displays the message 'iPhone using twat!'
  • Super T.
    Boy is he going to feel like an idiot in a few years when this QR code fad has passed. No-one will know what it is and there won't be any software left to scan it! Also, as br04dyz says, it's not really random itself, the site it loads is. I would say it's actually the least random tattoo ever, because all the little dots that make up the QR code have to be positioned just right in order for it to work.
  • Mr M.
    You've got a shit arm, and that's a crap tatoo
  • Mike H.
    It's not an arm, it's a cock.
  • Brad
    Right, my mate actually, For real, has a bar code tattoo which was done about 7+ years ago (Dont ask why.), It is now just a faded mess of a black square and looks atrocious, To this day it is still something to laugh at, dont do it kids!

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