The world's cheapest car is coming... slowly

The world’s cheapest car is coming to the UK… in 2011. Launched in India this week, the pint-sized Tata Nano costs just £1,400 and is expected to sell 30,000 in its first year as cash-strapped Indian families get themselves their first ever set of wheels.

Manufacturing corners have been cut wherever possible with cheap plastic seats, one windscreen wiper blade and one wing mirror among the Nano’s basic features. You won’t get Jeremy Clarkson raving about its power either – it’s packing a two-cylinder engine with just 624cc.

A UK version will be rolled out in 2011, costing more (about £4,000) in order to meet our more stringent safety standards. It’ll also have a larger, 1 litre engine. What’s it going to be then – a revolution in motoring or a shabby piece of tat that none of us would touch with a barge pole?


  • Coupey
    Thing is, if you can afford £4000 for a car, you're much better off getting a decent second-hand model than a terrible brand new one. Who would go for this really?
  • -=Mike H.
    I wonder if they have also scrimped on safety? "Air bags? Who cares if they die? We already have their money!" snort snort go the sales boys whilst sipping their Hennessy.
  • greg
    don't KIAs cost about £4k? i think id rather have one of them, probably easier to get it serviced too
  • acecatcher3
    is tata nano the name of the company andy?? looks like a toyota badge?? £4000 seems quite expensive still really, as others have said, id much prefer a decent second hand car like a focus or something.
  • Zahir
    Andy is calling Indian Families "Cash Strapped" Lol. If the two Ambani brothers unite once again as they are planning to do, between them they will amass a cool 90 Billion dollars, way way ahead of Mr. Buffet. Don't believe eveything Mr. Boyle has to say via his crappy movie about India.
  • acecatcher3
    ps, without the jokes of how rubbish daewoos are, how much would a 54 plate daewoo get if it was sold?? 2 owners and 15,000miles...anyone hazard a guess or link.
  • Paul N.
    @Zahir - When it comes out here the sentence can equally read" "cash-strapped British families get themselves their first ever set of wheels." Obviously the Nano is not being produced for the middle or upper classes of India but for the ones who can't afford a more expensive car.
  • dan m.
    my ferrari is better, and has better handling too, but same colour only
  • Big D.
    Daewoo is the new Skoda . . . . You'd be hard pressed to find anyone to touch it with the proverbial barge pole. . . A Matiz would pull about 2 grand if it was mint, probably a bit more if you part-ex it. . .
  • Zahir
    @acecatcher3, Are you asking us to do a guesswork about te Daewoo? I would go to or to get a more approximate value.
  • RogerP
    Take it to your local Jaguar dealer to get it serviced, Tata own them & Land Rover
  • BK P.
    It's like the netbook market which fills a niche need. u cant compare a used full sized notebook to a netbook... they serve different needs. this will get from a to b with no frills. just what india needs. whether it will do so here is another question.
  • acecatcher3
    @zahir - thankyou ill check them links out @ big dave - i know haha, its been good car to me tho so cant complain.....maybe my next car will b a tata nano :P
  • Zahir
    @BK Patel - Agreed. I am just wondering what's gonna happen on the Co2 level, bumper to bumper traffic like Bangkok etc. I am hoping Nano will come in an electric model 2 years down the line.
  • BK P.
    @zahir- anything is better than these dangerous polluting rickshaws, carrying 5 ppl and emitting black fumes. it's an intermediate step to electric. solar is the way forward given its availability on the subcontinent
  • Zahir
    @BK Patel. Been there done that - Rickshaw I meant Lol. Unfortunately eveyone in India want to make quick buck. Tata's used to be one of the conglomerates who used to pay their taxes to the last penny or "paisa" but I am not sure if that's the case anymore. I am not surprised they were the ones to bring in a £1400 car in the market way ahead of anyone. This is not America my friend where people hosy their National flags proudly outside their homes or where executes return their bonuses back to the goverment, no wonder the pound is nearly equalling the Euro :-(
  • dan m.
    i can buy 10 of them and they cost less than my ferrari..just a thought..
  • The J.
    Wow, that's an ugly whip. BRB.......Going cruising in ma Beemer.
  • blackgerbil1
    hey ace i'll part x it for one of my pimped mercs ;). maybe do yo a deel for a bitta man luvin :)

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