The WePad is real after all, and coming to you this June

Despite our suspicions, the We Pad is apparently real - or at least they've made one of them. At a press launch in Berlin at the beginning of the week, there was a single device for journalists to look at, and it wasn't running the Android OS promised in the specs, but Windows 7 instead.

To see how the WePad would work upon release, journalists had to watch a video. The single demonstration model caused mass excitement at the event, and as if you couldn't guess it was developed by the Germans, just look at the chap holding it - CEO Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen:

TechCrunch reports there have already been 20,000 devices pre-ordered ahead of the June launch. The prices will range from €449 to €569 for the fully equipped 32GB version.


  • Nobby
    Fuck me. They went overboard on their advertising didn't they.
  • Nobby
    Look what products he is a fan of ...
  • kev
  • Steff
    a small win7 tablet would be nice if real :)
  • Martine C.
    Can someone explain to me why pad are better than laptops :)
  • dti
    - no moving parts - lightweight (more portable) - longer battery life - multi-touch screen but then it's not really designed to be a laptop/desktop replacement. Just a "web" access device (browsing, email, VoIP, etc.)
  • Keith M.
    As an iPad owner, I've enjoyed using it as a media consumption device. It's not great for production work, but for everything else, it's quite nice. Battery life is amazing. "We Pad." Geez.
  • Brandon
    So I guess this puts my buying an iPad on further hold until I see the comparisons.
  • Nobby
    > As an iPad owner, I’ve enjoyed using it as a media consumption device. Do you carry it around?
  • Brian's U.
    a bit for an april's fool joke, oh wait, you're telling me it's real. geez.
  • iPad B.
    [...] of its existence other than a clunky production model and lots of photoshopped images. Still, the device was launched at an event hosted by CEO Helmut Hoffer von [...]

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