The ultimate Valentine's Day gift?

Okay, it’s maybe not for EVERYONE, but who could really turn their nose up at a 55 gallon barrel of lube? Exactly.


And, as it’s available through Amazon, there’s much joy to be found in some of the comments left by purchasers of the aforementioned lube. For example…

"I initially bought this for an adult-themed backyard party, giving each person who attended a cupful as a gift."

"I made this purchase with a goal in mind, I was going to convert my two turtles into a means of personal transportation from points A to Z and everywhere in between, and generally just for the hell of the fun."

"This is a hazard! I've already lost two cats in this thing. There should be a warning sticker or something. I assumed the cats would float, but they sunk like rocks into the lube. And no, it's not what you think. Don't be disgusting. I was trying to create my own cat lube wrestling league. You know, for sickos."

"This is great lube, but there is just not enough of it. Does anyone know where I can get a larger size?"


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  • Dick
    It is water based, so no doubt sold just like washing liquids. This barrel load would be equivalent to a bucket of concentrated lube.

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