The UK’s worst Christmas gift - sexist, but succulent

On Friday, we challenged you to scour the high streets and find the worse examples of Christmas presents available. Bitterwallet reader Cheney took up the challenge immediately and, far from being as technologically advanced as our Nintendo "tribute" console, the MiWi, discovered a gift that manages to simultaneously says "I love you for being the person you are" and "know your place, woman":

Yes, that's right. Wife biscuits. Actually they're not as blatantly offensive as they seem, although the origins of these flaky pastries (natively known as Loh Po Peng) aren't entirely clear. The most popular explanations of the name concern a husband selling his wife into slavery to pay gambling debts / buy life-saving medicine for an elderly relative, who then bakes the biscuits in order to raise enough money to buy her back.

Touching or slightly dark, depending which version you go with. The good news is that you don't have to be a wife to eat them, although we recognise the temptation of leaving them under the tree for your missus "just for a laugh".


More of your worst Christmas presents please, to [email protected]; send us a picture and let us know where you discovered the item in question.

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  • Cheney
    ha ha ha...thanks for posting Paul / BitterWallet...and for the plaudits it just me or are u just sad in that u actually researched into these etc...or is it fraud prevention ?...glad I 'passed' and got 'in' so soon too...I'm looking forward to my ( possible ) prize...of...wait for it...Hubby !!!!!

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