The UK's first Cereal Cafe declares itself open

fruity pebbles 'God help us if there's a war' update now, with news reaching us that the UK's first cereal cafe is soon come upon us. That's right. A cafe for cereal.

Cereal Killer Cafe will offer more than 100 varieties of cereal from all over the globe!

It's been set up by identical twins Alan and Gary Keery, whose life-long obsessions with cereals have seen them amass a ton of ephemera related to the breakfast treat, and their collection will decorate the new cafe.

And if you've crossed off your hipster bingo card, you can now shout "OF COURSE IT'S OPENING IN SHOREDITCH"

It will offer a variety of milks and toppings to tempt and rot teeth in equal measure.

Visitors are promised the likes of Oreo O’s from South Korea and Poppin’ Fruity Pebbles (pictured) from America - a berry flavoured mix with popping candy. Sounds, um, yum.

Alan says: "We remember how exciting cereal was as kids and we are trying to recreate it in our cafe, so you’ll be surrounded by a lot of vintage cereal memorabilia to stir up the nostalgia in all of us. We’re putting our own twist on a regular bowl of cereal by letting you customise it with different milks and toppings. This will be a cafe experience like no other.”

For those who think Corn Flakes are a slow death, and find milk deeply unappetising, there'll also be pop tarts, coffee and toast on offer. However, you will be surrounded by hooting berks, so it might be an idea to order American cereals from the internet and recreate this experience at home. On your own. Where everything is not shrieking with irony.

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  • Ben
    Yes! I can start my day with a milky injection of e-numbers and extruded poison from the greatest culinary offerings the USA has to offer.

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