The UK gets Wired - is it worth the wait?

There's simply no doubt that Wired is the greatest magazine ever consigned to print. That's not just subjective blathering; scientists have proven it to be nothing short of a fact. It's also the number one choice of reading material for Saturday afternoon bath-soaking, and the highlight of any perambulation through the aisles of WH Smith.

We're certain a UK version of this tech bible could never improve on the US original, apart from squirting in some features and gadgetorama from closer to home, but we're going to find out. Wired UK launched today - not only is there a separate print version on sale but also a UK website to support it. And they're keen to get you hooked; an annual subscription curently costs a piffling £24.

No word on whether this means the original will no longer appear on our shelves, or whether any material will be shared between the two. If you weren't at your local newsagents at the crack of dawn for your copy, or if you're in two minds about splashing out, you can peek inside the first issue here with a very cool online preview.

Our first impression? There's perhaps a little too much reliance on news and not enough of the killer features we've come to expect from its US brethren, but then again it's early days. In fact it's the first day, so we're happy to watch and see where the future of Wired UK leads.


  • Bradley S.
    What's the big deal?
  • Rick H.
    There was actually a uk version of it when wired first launched for about a year, but then they canned it due to disappointing sales. Makes for a welcome return - hopefully it'll do better this time around!
  • Robin
    I've been looking for a good mag to get into as I don't read books and I get enough news browsing the net at work. Since I'm into technology and current affairs, I have subscribed on your recommendation... better be good! ;)
  • Perry W.
    Managed to pick it up a couple of days ago - not too different to the US version and does share some content (not a bad thing as the US version is something I often get). I will probably subscribe.
  • Jobot
    Hahaha. "see where the future of Wired UK leads." Wired - Leads... Geddit?
  • The B.
    They had a small excerpt in The Saturday Times last week and I have to say it was utter shite.
  • Mr S.
    Must say I'm not wholly impressed with the online preview. I may have to stick to The Register.
  • Ian P.
    Preview was very poor imho - give it a few months unless they improve.....

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