The TwoDaLoo: Romance at a lower level.

Valentine's Day may still be a little while away, but love struck couples can really spend all their time together now, thanks to the TwoDaLoo.

Claimed as the world's first 'super toilet' for two, the TwoDaLoo is designed with two side-by-side toilet seats with a modest wall in between. It was apparently created to bring couples closer together (of course it would).  Not only do you get to spend quality time with your loved one with every breath you take, but apparently it also conserves water by flushing at the same time.  Sounds environmental doesn't it, but surely the engineers realised that both toilet bowls still need to be filled with enough water to flush?  Or is sharing really caring?

When couples eventually get fed up with each other, Twodaloo also offers a simple upgrade to a seven inch LCD television and iPod docking station version, so that you can take things to the next level, like watch Iron Man while wearing noseplugs in oblivion.  Nice.

The drawback? The product require a minimum wholesale order of 12 units at ~£1000 ($1400) each.   Not the kind of luxury we can all afford, but arrange them side by side in public with some good lighting, and you get something akin to Virgin Upper Class (without the sushi and the bar, unfortunately). 

[WiseRep] via [boing boing Gadgets]

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