The Turkish business that flies too close to the sun

Spotted in Turkey by keen-eyed Bitterwallet reader Richie, who says: "Before you name your paragliding business, it might be worth doing some historical research into your chosen name. That way you can reduce the chances of scaring away potential customers."


  • Alice C.
    Ikarus flew too close to the sun with wax wings. Unless they can travel at the speed of light and have parafoils made from wax, I think they'll be OK. For fucks sake.
  • Amanda H.
    Its next door to Titanic boat trips, and down the road from Hitlers Cleaners.
  • G. T.
    Umm, bit worried now because We've just had H. C. install our new shower, do you think this was a mistake then?
  • steve
    and the one in mexico..
  • Mewling P.
    @G. Threepwood Way to go too far, fucking prick. Even I'm not that fucking insensitive.
  • kellogs
    whats h.c?
  • Gareth H.
    ha ha, i actually think this was the paragliding school i used if it is Olu Deniz!! i did make it down safely, even with a big fat turkish lad strapped to my front!
  • ıkarus p.
    all over the world -nearly in all countries theres a paragliding school named ıkarus-icaro-and also paraglider manufacture named icaroo and paragliding accossories with same name-

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