The till receipt you won't be showing your accountant

Bitterwallet - till receipt via Reddit

via [reddit]


  • Matt
    Could this be claimed as a tax-deductable business expense?
  • Trev
    Does the top charge read 'BSDM'? Isn't the term usually 'BDSM'? Loving the 'Happy Ending' charge they strap on.
  • Ian
    We went on a stag to Bournemouth last month. In 'For Your Eyes Only', they charged VAT on a private dance. At a rate of 17.5%.
  • The B.
    BSDM is the same as BDSM surely, it's just in a different order? Now, if it was BSM I'd be worried, utter filth doing that with a gearstick.
  • chester
    You should have shown the coloured looter with his stash instead of this photo from imgur.
  • Syd A.
    Receipt! Does it belong to a tory or a labour MP and is he trying to claim it back as expenses?
  • Joe B.
    It is from Nevada.

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