The Three Keyboard Cat Moon t-shirt - the t-shirt of the Gods?

Bitterwallet - Three Wolf Moon t-shirt

And so the endless dance of the deities continues. First we brought you news of the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, the wearing of which could channel cosmic harmony through your soul.  At least, that's what many of the 1,300 reviews on Amazon suggested. Then the world shunned the wolf, and welcomed the hippopoticorn, a sadly extinct beast that was said to spin the finest yarn from rainbows.

Yet the fast-paced world we dwell within is constantly seeking new, more powerful entities, the likes of which may deliver blessed relief upon the depravity of mankind. So thank God Almighty for the Three Keyboard Cat Moon t-shirt:

We think you'll agree, it's a truly divine article, the likes of which can't possibly be topped. Although if you're willing to have a crack on Photoshop and post a link in the comments below, we'll possibly consider a prize of some sorts.



  • Tom P.
    Can i post a link to my chicks pussy here?
  • Paul S.
    Send it to the email address and we'll let you know.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Please email me a picture of your girlfriends pussy. TIA
  • CrazyDave
    Where can I buy this top ?
  • Ian
    Yeah, where can you buy it?
  • Dave S.
    I have a T-Shirt with 3 beavers chewing wood on it, I also have a picture of my chicks beaver chewing my wood, if you wish to receive an email, thanks bye.
  • Nobby
    That T-shirt would have looked so much better if one of the cats was wearing sunglasses, Stevie Wonder style.
    It is a nice stuff, thank you. =]
  • Seofanter
    Мне ваш дизайн сайта нравится.
  • sekzqueen
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