The 'thanks but no thanks' classified ad of the day

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  • will
    13cm girth? i hope he's throwing in some complimentary lube....
  • Whisky
    I think that that refers to circumference
  • darkspark88
    "I think that that refers to circumference" I loled at that comment. You say that like 13cm is still normal.
  • kev
    7"? that's a bit small isn't it?
  • PaulH
    CD Dick
  • Mr M.
    It's only about a 4cm diamter. Big but not astronomical.
  • Mark C.
    Er, 13cm circumference is about average, IIRC.
  • Nobby
    Time for a maths debate. I know the answer, teacher. Circumference is 2 x pi x r, so with a 13cm circumference the radius is about 2.07 cmand so the diameter is 4.14 cm. I never knew that would come in useful, but it shows maths enters ( :-) ) our lives in many ways.
  • Gadget 4.
    [email protected] is going to get some funny emails!
  • Bagpuss
    I think we've all missed the point that the item for sale is actually in the plural, vibratorS - exactly how many does he/she have? .....and wtf are 3 functions if they have 3 speeds?
  • bummble
    Just checked here, 13cm girth is about right, but 7" is way shorter than mine
  • Hmm...
    Key word being USED...
  • Rob
    Looks like Joe Brafo-White is selling up then? Email address is linked to this Facebook profile!/profile.php?id=755734572
  • tom
    @Rob His profile pick looks as if he is giving them one last go.
  • Whisky
    @ darkspark88 Er... I think 13 cm would probably be refered to as a "beginers" size. Hope we haven't embarrased you darkspark.
  • qwertyuiop
    7" a bit small is it Kev? I'm sure we can't all live up to your impeccably high standards - you have a backdoor policy or something like that? 15" minimum or you're not coming in?
  • zeddy
    3 functions? Is that mouth, fanny and arse? What about the nose? Us Nasophiliacs feel so left out of things.
  • Swanky
    I just called up & the feller wasnt impressed!

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