The Sweet Stink Of Success - Men's Sweat And Jockstraps

Just when you thought that nothing could be worse than a male fragrance that smells of barbecued meat

Now the makers of Football Manager 2009 have jumped on the burgeoning ‘disgusting body spray’ bandwagon by bottling the smell of a football team’s dressing room. Sweat, snot, Deep Heat and jockstraps will be among the ingredients of the optimistically-named ‘Scent Of Success’

Sports Interactive, who make the game, claim that the fragrance has been harvested from the changing rooms of a host of successful teams. The idea seems to be that bedroom bosses will apply the odour while they’re playing FM2009, to give added authentic feel.

The scent will be given away with future copies of the game. Still, it sounds infinitely more pleasant than a bottle of Jade Goody’s whiff-juice.


  • stinker
    Jade Goody has CANCER, you shouldn't mock. Not nice :(
  • What t.
    Why would you start talking about her having cancer? In no way did bitterwallet mention this they just mentioned the fact that shes a twat. Just because she has cancer it doesnt mean everyone should love her. Sorry if it sounds harsh but its true.
  • stinker
    aw, you're not a twat.... really.
  • Martin
    I can't wait to see Jade Goody in her new show Celebrity Cancer Treatment. Hopefully followed by Celebrity Autopsy.
  • Bob
    I'd actually say that BW said nothing detrimental about Goody at all, simply that her perfume smells like shit, whether or not she does is simply down to your own sense of smell, although she is thick as it.
  • stinker
    oops, i thought he was referring to her lady aroma.... :-o
  • Cure S.
    Nice post. I hope you keep on writing such interesting stuff

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