The sound of High FIVEs from Currys at Christmas

Bitterwallet - Currys logoYou're the customer. They're the salesperson. You've an agenda. So have they. Your agenda may be broad and unfocused, theirs is needle-sharp. Planning, strategy, execution. It's like chess, but over much quicker and requiring far less brainpower.

So what's really going on when you step inside PC World or Currys? What of this mystical FIVEs training that sales staff receive? We've covered it extensively in the past, and looked at the NLP-stylings of the language taught to staff. Now here's something new from avid Bitterwallet reader, and former Dixons Retail employee Bill.

According to Bill, it's an MP3 of the training refresher sent to him and other Currys sales staff before Christmas. Obviously good mic-technique isn't taught as part of the training. It's certainly not unusual for stores to have training programmes, but we thought you'd be interested to here how the in-store sales process works from the other side:


  • Obi-Wan K.
  • tin
  • kv
    replacing the old 'how to sell an extended warranty' training
  • tin
    Ow, jast one moar fing. ENJOY THE AUDIO CD YOU PUNY SHOP DWELLING VERMIN!!!!!!
  • Phil
    Her lack of knowledge on recording levels is just further proof of how little technical knowledge the Dixons group has!
  • Bloke
    Well, that's inspired me so much I want to get a job at Currys. Oh no, hang on a minute. I know how to say "hello" to someone without being instructed. Damn, over-qualified again. Presumably Fives refers to the bunch of fives you want to give the assistant when he hasn't listened to a single word you've said.
  • Paul
    Well, that's the most horrid instructional CD ever. What if your customer is arguing with their wife over what TV they want to buy, or loudly smacking their screaming crotch-spawn? Will they still want to respond to your forced questions regarding the weather, and will they pay attention to your 'demonstration?'
  • Richard M.
    "Ow, jast one moar fing..." If the woman from the Jasmine Allen estate would just shut up a bit, we could all have a good free listen to the Shaft soundtrack.
  • Daniel
    No wonder they're so damn awful
  • Delenn
    So, are Dixons saying that their employees need to be told all the various ways of how to greet people, and when to do so. Yikes, it's worse than I thought.
  • Marketing W.
    @ Delenn Ever wondered why checkout drones always (well, usually!) say hello? Because they're ordered to, or it's a disciplinary. Sad really.
  • Carl
    "What's the weather like outside?" "The whole exterior wall is made of glass. just take a fucking look for yourself!"
  • Russ
    On the rare occasion I go in there, I just want to be left the fuck alone, look at the stuff, then go home and order it on the net for half the price
  • seb_dixonsops
    Stop bullying my company you horrible horrible people
  • Ben
    seb_dixonsops: Oh dear, you failed to pro-actively engage this webpage within the mandated 1 minute. Back to the audio training CDs for you...
  • barry s.
    The direct mp3 is here (should you want to keep it 4EVA!!!lol
  • Fred
    "our great new Free Dee TVs"
  • Paul
    I kind of half-expected the training woman to start speaking entirely in rhyming slang.
  • Pcworld g.
    This audio is the real deal, i was shown it in the training room two weeks ago with the accompaning video, if only i could have got a copy of the video to send in to you guys
  • LanceVance
    What a bunch of nodding, waving, smiling red flag moments!!
  • Fred
    You've gotta love the dodgy 80s porno theme tune.
  • hippy
    whats with the cheesy porn music? I can also tell you used an actress for this, they robotic nature of her dialogue is so precise. i dont think she even read the script before recording it lol. Why cant they just email this crap to thier staff? whats the point of an audio cd just so the "team" can get together and have a meeting about fives? From what i listened to (lasted 4 minutes) it seems like basic customer service crap people already know anyway, Greet, talk about weather outside, offer them over priced stuff, thank them for choosing to take out 20 year warranty on hdmi cable, wave goodbye to them ever having spare cash again. sound levels were appauling, the pops from the b's and p's could be easily solved using a simple cheap voice screen, which currys dont sell lol. They done it on the cheap using some girl from london head office to speak into microphone hooked up to cheap laptop.
  • blablabla500
    And this is why this company is so crap. I left this awful company about a year after all this was introduced as I was sick of management having a go at me for failing to stick to this incredibly stupid and cheesy script. Asking each and every single customer "What brings you into Currys today?" is ridiculous (especially when the store is busy) and always used to get customers asking why were we speaking like robots. Yet management bullied us into asking the same scripted dross over and over in fear of a mystery test shop. I also find it hilarious how in this CD they say that staff should keep themselves "available" for when the customer wants them. Unfortunately, since all the payroll was cut down, most stores were woefully understaffed.
  • qwertyuiop
    "Oh, just one more fing - enjoy the audio CD" (ENJOY IT OR YOUR ASS WILL BE FIRED) Honestly, how many people out there would EVER admit to enjoying subtle forms of mind raping?
  • Colin
    As another ex pissy world employee i can confirm that this is an actual genuine training cd, it’s such a shame a large company like DSGI (or whatever!!) cannot employee people who have a personality, who can talk to people! But as they don’t even pay the same as shelf stackers at Tesco’s or order takers at McDonalds they need this spoon feeding training! and believe me once the "fives" way of selling Whatever happens (extended warranty) does not work it quickly goes back to old school hard selling or (hammering as we called it)!
  • blablabla500
    Couldn't agree more with Colin. Of course DSG dont employ many staff who are polite, courteous and have the genuine needs of the customer at hard. Instead they want robots who will reel off fives script and push unwanted attachments. Once the management got frightened that their WEH and attachment rates were falling because this whole FIVES bullshit didn't work and sounded so uncomfortable, out came the morning briefings where you were told to "nail" and "hammer on" attachments and each and every one of your CPR rated sales was analysed and you HAD to have a reason why the customer didn't want a shitty piece of software with their computer. It wasn't enough to say they didn't want it. Management bully staff -> staff bully customers under the pretence of offering 'service' -> customers desert -> DSG goes down the pan.
  • PopeSock
    They do employ people with personalities! It's just that the fives training makes it clear that you check your personality at the door and any expression of will or any deviation from the script will result in ... consequences.
  • greg
    I want a free DTV!!
  • Sam
    Never heard the audio CD but I saw the video. Its even worse! If that's possible and the woman (thing) that does it is unreal. I'll try and get it to bitterwallet later.
  • inflatable s.
    as much as there a bad company it must be working as there still trading, doing better than comet, have hampered best buy launch with the new mega stores, and even made john lewis have to change their price promise because currys/pc world are cheaper. we all know they aint perfect but must be doing something right. cue the backlash
  • Which?bod
    But but but "Our experts don't work for commission, they work for you" It must be true because it's on the bottom of the tickets now. Obviously "working for you" doesn't include not selling you any one of 12 different "essentials".
  • commy
    ahh which?bod, but it does mean they don't earn commission. bonus is paid on a margin per hr basis. so unless you buy those add ons, no bonus. no percentage commission, no £5 for certain items sold like a few years back and its 14 targetted essentials!
  • which?bod
    Commission by any other name... Oh and what about Mobile Broadband, Sky, Virgin, Infinity etc. I'm sure you don't receive "commission" on those, but do get a "bonus" based on what you sell. Either way, it's not about what the customer wants, it's about what the company want you to sell. Therefore working for them, rather than me. It's everso slightly misleading.
  • blablabla500
    “Our experts don’t work for commission, they work for you” Bollocks they do! When I was there we were told we HAD to nail on Norton to every PC sale. Don't want software, expect the hard sell. Even if a customer wanted AV software, but not Norton, we were told to discount, do deals, do anything to make sure that customer took the targeted attachment of Norton over other brands. If you failed you were sighed and moaned at by management, who tracked each and every TV and PC sale on an excel file. I acted honestly and refused to act in this way, I honestly had the customers best interests at heart and I would mention to them the items we had to supplement their purchase, but if they said no I wouldn't push them. As a student coming to the end of my course (and my Currys job) I didn't care about their warnings andPI disciplinary threats. The carrot of a couple quid bonus at the end of the month didn't justify selling out on my principles.
  • commy
    you get targeted for those 14 attachments but the bonus is paid on margin per hr worked, the most margin rich products are the mobile BB, the warranty etc. so if you want bonus, you hard sell those. but the attachment rate to get bonus is so ridiculously high of a threshold that most colleagues will only ever see it at Xmas/new year. mate of mine works for sky. he gets £5 extra for every sky HD, another £5 for sky cover, £2 for a phone line. thats proper commission
  • Ten B.
    [...] sound of High FIVEs from Currys at [...]
  • Expendable B.
    I'm surprised it's actually in the form of an Enjoyable Audio CD, and not in the form of some ludicrously small USB pen or SD card which then disappears to the bottom of a drawer and is lost forever while we all continue shuffling along and selling overpriced insurance like before...
  • bestbuyarecrap
    Have you morons ever thought that some/most of the people that dixons take on have NO retail experience whatsoever and may need training on how to engage with customers? Why is it so terrible that a huge company like dixons uses a selling model to try to ensure that its staff know the right questions to ask customers? And to try and make some money? Are we the only company that does this? No!! Are you aware that dixons spends millions every year on training and developing staff to give them the knowledge to advise customers on their products and services? And unlike other major companies, or consumer magazines *cough which? *cough, have no ties or preference to a particular brand, so can give an imformed, un-biased appraisal of every product we sell? For all you idiots that "used to work there", we no longer push Norton, we don't force people to take whatever happens, and damn us for having the best selection of products for customers to choose from. Scandalous. You're only bitter because you weren't capable enough to last the distance. The internet is not half the price, margins are too tight for this, and whilst we may be dearer than, we are far cheaper than the retail competition, ie John Lewis (changed price match policy to rip customers off), comet (dead in the water), argos (hardly Harrods) and Bestbuy (lost more money than Nick Leeson). Paul Smith, why do you continue to have a go at dixons group? were you sacked as a teenager for being a clueless muppet? Grow up you pillock. You know that this country is in a pretty crap finacial situation, unless, as i suspect, your head is up your own arse, so trying to drive us out of business with all these pathetic stories will do nothing but put 40,000 or so people out of work. Would you give yourself a pat on the back then for a job well done? Why not try and dig some dirt on another company and leave us to look after our customers needs? I don't think it counts as journalism, merely having a vendetta against one company, constantly flogging the same dead horse. ZZZzzzzz
  • Andrew
    @bestbuyarecrap 7/10 for the rant You spend millions and yet the staff still don't know the difference between things like LCD and plasma and whether a hard drive recorder can record 1, 2 or 3 channels at a time, even when looking at the box. Well done, money well spent.
  • Expendable B.
    "For all you idiots that “used to work there”, we no longer push Norton, we don’t force people to take whatever happens, and damn us for having the best selection of products for customers to choose from. Scandalous. You’re only bitter because you weren’t capable enough to last the distance." Speaking as an idiot who still works there, you're full of shite. Although Norton specifically is no longer forced upon customers, there is a requirement that a certain percentage of customers HAVE to buy anti-virus, or you're in trouble. And since the stock supply's so fucked up, there's never any other anti-viruses available (I think the store I work has a whopping 2 copies of Kaspersky, both of which are sitting in the Reserve & Collect bay) so yeah, it's effectively Norton or nothing. People aren't FORCED to take whatever happens but, again, a certain percentage of customers MUST take it, or you're in the shite. So if you're like a me, say, and you happen to get one bloke who's buying 5 white goods, a telly and a PC for the vicarage and has been given a cheque to cover the cost of the goods and delivery, and not a penny more, your choices boil down to a) Get treated like a mongoloid and put on Capability for something that ultimately is beyond your control b) Give the guy a bunch of shite for free, just to protect SQ and strike rate or c) force, and I mean FORCE, your next few customers to take a whole bunch of shit they aren't wanting. As for "having the best selection of products to choose from", not really. It's a fairly standard range of stuff, and the vast majority of it you'll have to wait for it to be delivered because there's none in stock and selling display models is Verboten.
  • bestbuyarecrap
    @ Andrew. Thanks. It wasn't/isn't a rant. Just an informed point of view (presumably unlike yours) Do you really believe that all staff in Currys/PC World don't know the difference between plasma and LCD? In my store, the staff are very knowledgable in their specialist areas (as we stock over 10,000 products its not easy to know everything about every product). If you're basing your evidence on the undercover which? footage, then this is flawed, as the comparison between other stores is not a fair one. John Lewis have a tiny range, so do apple, so do independants. Have you ever tried going into B&Q and asking someone working in the gardening section to help you with power tools or a kitchen? Would you slag them off as a company if the person couldn't give you the precise dimensions of a kitchen cupboard off the top of their head? Or the voltage on a power drill? No you wouldn't. @ expendable blueshirt I have a suggestion for you. You obviously work in one of our, yet-to-be-refurbished stores, if what you're saying about the stock/range situation is true. Find your nearest refitted store and ask for a transfer, or if you really hate the job, go and work in a supermarket, where you have no KPI's and the customers and management will treat you with an incredible amount of respect (honest), as you stack shelves of beans and dribble down your "happy to help" badge. Nobody HAS to buy Antivirus, but in your time working there, how many customers have you seen come back with a laptop that doesn't work, after happily downloading from limewire, protected by free antivirus a "friend" downloaded for them? People need internet security. FACT. A lot of our customers need educating on what it does. FACT. You are targeted to sell it to them. FACT. What is the problem? I think you need to have a chat with your boss and advise him that money in the tills is the main priority, not ticking a box, or chasing a number. He's obviously got confused somewhere along the line. Your store sounds like a shit one to work in if you're being pressurised into selling things to people they don't want. However, remember there is a difference between not wanting something and needing it. I regularly speak to customers in my store complaining that their laptop is broken and they need it for business or the kids homework or blah, blah, blah. These are the same customers i recognise from months before telling me that their bank/card/house insurance will cover them if they have any problems, and guess what, it doesn't. Asking a customer to pay for a service they may need is not FORCING someone to take a whole bunch of shit they aren't wanting. Its called being a salesman. I'm not claiming we're perfect. Not by a long way, but we're not as bad as we're being mnade out to be, and we're getting better. Unless you visit expendable blueshirt's store. That place sounds like a right shit-hole ;)
  • Reverend J.
    I know why I don’t shop with these companies..
  • Reverend J.
    @bestbuyarecrap Try being a customer at any of your stores mister. ALL of which I am in, I just wanted to look around, play a little and leave. But I don’t visit no more for the simple reason for harassment. Id be bombarded with this and that, verging on begging me to buy whatever my fingers touched. Im all for training staff, and I understand the financial situations of the country. But dont DARE sit there and say this site has any repercussion on your stores! If you spend so much on training, then why are most of them little nerds and immigrants so clueless? Why are they so pressured into a undignified manner at selling extras, when we know what we want? why why why... Close the shit stores.
  • exDSGandHAPPY
    I once worked at a store where the "coleague" asked a customer, "What brings you into the store today?", as per required parrot-fashion. An area manager then walked inot the store, as the colleague had gone away to check stock, and thought he would interfere and proceeded to ask the customer the same question. The response from the customer was, "Are you lot reading from a F£$%^G SCRIPT?" Little did he know... At that point the customer walked out. For those of you who think DSG allows personalities to work in their stores, just look at the FIVES training, and see that there is no room for interpretation. Unfortunately, those with no communication skills whatsoever were soon found out, as they did not know how to answer customer questions, blindly following the script they had been force-fed with!
  • bestbuyarecrap
    @ Reverend Vincent Hugh Jarse You sir, are a complete bell end. I'm glad you understand the financial situation of the country, but if all those "little nerds" and "immigrants" (borderline racist) were out of a job and all the "shit stores" were closed, those people would have a far better chance of securing other employment above you, who can barely string a sentence together coherently. And i feel that my point about Paul Smith trying to dig up any dirt he can on Dixons is completely justified. So I will DARE to say whatever I want thanks. And by the way, it was directed at the writer, not the site if you read my comments back carefully. A quick look through the bitterwallet archives will show you that there has been at least 9 derogatory stories about Dixons since Dec 2009 (8 of which were "written" by Paul Smith), whilst there appears to have been a huge 1 relating to Comet. Would you care to comment on this?
  • Paul a.
    I find ordering on e-bay from china and waiting 21 day for an item to be delivered, a lot less stressful than talking to someone Curry's or PC World. It's the same result you just end up with a load of crap, but you don't have to talk to someone. My favourite quote from a PC World employee (Leicester City store) was "I've worked in IT for 16 years" My daughter had to drag me out of the store in a laughter fit, took me 2 days to get over it.
  • Sam
    @ Paul - Don't you know who I am? As you think we are all crap. Ask us a question I can't answer.
  • Reverend J.
    @bestbuyarecrap who did it to you? LOL
  • Reverend J.
    @bestbuyarecrap no sir, not borderline racist, technically I think I was being DEROGATORY, you ill-educated arrogant fat cunt. I could have used another words, would that have stirred up any more resentment? You sit in your office and carry out this act of pointless abuse in an attempt to create some self image of cool. This attempt subsequently fails miserably and you sir, look like a complete moron. Even Jesus thinks you’re a cunt!
  • commy oh! we ARE SHITE!!!!!!!!!
  • bestbuyarecrap
    @ Reverend Vincent Hugh Jarse How is it not borderline racist to imply that Dixons should not employ "immigrants?" That is exactly what it is according to my ill-educated brain. And I thought it would be correct to point out that Currys/PC World are retail stores, therefore why would I be sat in an office? You thick twat. I'm not interested in being cool, just defending myself against wankers like you. You're an embarrassment to yourself and your neanderthal parents, you toothless, clueless, pennyless shitehouse. ps I don't care what Jesus thinks of me. He's not real. Dickhead!!
  • blablabla500
    @bestbuyarecrap How many Currys/PC World stores have been refurbished and what proportion of staff work in those? I worked in an unrefurbished store inside a large indoor mall. We CONSTANTLY had stock issues throughout my time there. The WNR store down the road got all the decent stock, we were left with the matsui and logik shite. ABC1 customers coming in and asking for top spec Bose, Apple etc products had to be turned away because we could not supply what they wanted. You try telling someone who has come to the largest shopping centre in the country to go another half hour down the road or go home and order online and see what response you get. As to what your current targets are I can only speak from the experience I had on the sales floor between summer 2008 and the end of 2009. Prior to that I was senior merchandiser, for 18 months, in another city centre store and had a passion for the job and loved what I did before I was moved to sales. Unlike many colleagues I did not shirk from helping customers and knew how to talk to people. You talk of staff being hired with no experience. Thats fine, everyone needs to start somewhere, but the fact remains that a whole load of colleagues DO NOT know how to talk to customers. I went to FIVES training and was shocked at the admissions from colleagues who freely admitted to going to work hungover, were uninterested and not interested in what a customer really wants. Add into that the fact many did not have any technical knowledge, and yes, people do not know about RAM, plasma, LCD, VOIP etc etc - how did FIVES improve product knowledge? FIVES was presented as some kind of golden technique that would solve all your KPI issues. In reality, all it resulted in was staff being told, and quite literally forced, to follow a scripted set of questions. Regardless of what the customer has told you what they want, FIVES and the other sales processes instruct you to push the highest margin items and attachments. A customer may want AV software, but if they wanted anything other than Norton you were effectively forced by management to push Norton. Woe betide you if you didn't get that strike. Data backup was a heap of shit that didn't work or was painfully slow (remember, we had a free trial of it when it launched). Yet, we had to push that solution for backup rather than recommending the more logical, and sensible option of an external hard drive. Again, woe betide you if you didn't "nail" on the attachment. The management in my store made me design a spreadsheet so they could track each and every sale that went through computing and vision, along with every attachment sold, the salespersons name and a box to fill in reasons why the customer didn't want the product. The next day, this CPR figure was used to judge your performance. No matter how much you had put through the till, how well you had helped the customers, no matter how much you had put into the previous day, if you had not "nailed on" those CPR strikes you were humiliated in the briefing and told to do better. Staff in my store were constantly demoralised and threatened with IPI. Now, that was my experience in one store. What are others like, well I dont know. What I can say is that regularly, we had customers coming in from other stores to buy something having been told that laptop/TV they wanted was out of stock in the store they had just came from. When we looked on eclipse, it was in stock at that store. The customer had been turned away. Why? Because they were buying it with no attachments and either the staff or management at that store had decided they would rather turn custom away than harm their CPR score. I took those sales, suffered the poor CPR score and was berated by management the next day for doing the right thing. Does this still happen now? I dont know. But my experience over those few months, with workplace bullying of staff AND customers, and the hypocrisy of being told we were doing the right things for the customer when we clearly the company as a whole were not, has disgusted me. Call me bitter and an idiot if you want. I got out of there, have a first class BSc Hons degree, an MRes Distinction and am now doing a PhD. I'm no idiot. Oh, and despite all the 'investment' in Fives, I notice Currys and PC World are STILL bottom of the heap for customer service. Why do you think that is?
  • Reverend J.
    @bestbuyarecrap you arent real either then?.. please quote the part I said "do not employ immigrants" ???!
  • Another D.
    blablabla500.................Do you really think us GMs like slogging every sale. Do you not think that we know sales and customer service should always come first. Depending on where you work must of us are just part of the chain. The only thing a good GM can do is make it as easy as possible for everyone while also protecting his own job by reaching his targets. Does FIVES help .......No, but product training instead would make all of the difference as long as it is done in the FIVES way off site for a week. Am I happy ...No. Am I moaning about it .....No. I have a choice and that choice is to find another job which I will. Until then I will continue to look after my team and my customers. We are getting better. But only if you work in a large store but it is worrying that we are losing so many good people.
  • bestbuyarecrap
    @ blablabla500 I don't think you're an idiot, and fair play to you for getting out of that environment and working towards your PhD. Your experience is an all-too-familiar one, and one that the company needs to erradicate before it can become a success at delivering customer service. In my store, I recognise and reward people for sales to target, read out commendations from customers and seek feedback from customers on the service they recieved in store. I can't imagine turning a customer away because they didn't want Norton, or bollocking my staff for not selling whatever happens. Its a real shame that so many skilled people choose to leave the business because of bad management (this is all i can put it down to), because if you read the secret shopper reports on Mary Portas' website, the gulf in performance between stores is ridiculous. How can some stores get it consistantly right, and some so badly wrong? @ Reverend Vincent Hugh Jarse Read it back yourself you fucking monkey spunk. Apologies if I misunderstood your implication that you wanted 40,000 people to be out of a job, and that most were little nerds and immigrants.
  • TheReasonabeMan
    @bestbuyarecrap - absolutely unbelievable, you come here representing Currys and then say stuff like "you fucking monkey spunk" talk about not employing immigrants. Currys are not a healthy company especially if people like you work there. For the record Best Buy will absolutely destroy the UK electricals market with a takeover of Comet and the financial power in the US, Currys will be eliminated and then up go the prices because of a monopoly situation. ps being the cheapest is not anything to be proud of, if you make £20 profit on a TV but John Lewis make £100 per TV, you have to sell 5 to equal their 1, now that means only 1 customer in 6 need to go to John Lewis... and the people who go to John Lewis tend to be more affluent and wouldnt be seen dead in a Currys store before you retort that everyone wants the cheapest. Currys are pretty much "selling boxes" making no money.
  • bestbuyarecrap
    @ TheReasonabeMan Monkey spunk was meant as an insult, and to my knowledge holds no racial implication at all. If it was deemed as such, then this wasn't the intention. For the record, i think your comments about Bestbuy are bollocks. There is room in the market for Best Buy and Dixons, and their only way to expand quickly is to buy out Comet. This will leave Dixons in the same position as now, with only the yanks as retail competition. And they are no cheaper, and their service is certainly no better, so not much will change. Your mis-guided comments about John Lewis are also way off the mark. If John Lewis sell a TV at the same price as us (which they regularly do), then offer their magic 2 year warranty, bearing in mind their buying power is much worse than Dixons, then they can't make 5 x the profit. In the current climate, even affluent people are shopping based on price, with service becoming less and less of a priority, hence e-commerce sales grew over the christmas period, whilst retail sales were in decline in the electrical market as a whole.
  • TheReasonabeMan does that look like a healthy company to you? Or are the stock markets wrong? The sun shines out of dixons arse?
  • bestbuyarecrap
    I didn't comment on whether they were a healthy company (I don't think i'll be retiring any time soon on my share options), nor did I imply that the sun shines out of our arse. In fact, I think I have been quite critical of the company during this thread. My point was merely that I wouldn't expect dixons to just roll over and die, allowing Best Buy to take over the market. It seems like, as usual, this is a "have a go at shitty Dixons and anyone that defends it" story. And as i'm far too busy looking after my satisfied customers to carry this on, I bid you farewell :)
  • Paul a.
    @ Sam Why do the Curry and PC World stores at Leicester Fosse Park look the same inside and sell the same things. The only way you can tell them apart is one is right of Argos and the other is left of Argos. Will that question do? Can you answer it?
  • sam
    @ Paul - Don't you know who I am? This is part of the “Transformation & Renewal” plan for DSG under a section “2 Brands 1 Engine”. There is a large overlap of product between the two store brands. PC World sells more Computing products and Currys sells more Vision (TV’s) and has MDA product (white goods, fridge, washing machines etc). The stores share a common distribution system and till system (called Eclipse). Although the customer perceives 2 stores it doesn’t matter you’re buying from a DSG store. The current plan is to leverage this refitting the stores to a new layout, supposedly easier to shop in, called “Winning New Revenues” (WNR) and use both brands. You should have noticed TV adverts that have a joint PC World/Currys logo depicting product available in either store and an a number of stores that have both logo’s above the store (2-in-1) stores. In a number of towns you will see two stores close the smallest store and combine into a newly refitted 2-in-1 store. Back in the days when we were separate there were 170 PCW will end up with about 400 stores with PCW sign above the door out of 650 odd stores. In the case of Fosse that you mention the eventual desire would be to have one mega store with both logo’s above the door but if you have long leases on two units it will remain separate but seem almost identical but an emphasis on Computing in the PCW and TV/MDA in the Currys. To answer some of the other issues raised here. The smaller PCW or Currys stores that haven’t been refitted to WNR are indeed starved of stock and range. My personal view is this is a deliberate run-down so the company can make great show of how much better a refitted store trades. Stores can and do transfer stock and any lack of doing so is just laziness on the part of the staff. There are exceptions, certain Apple products and what is called Clearance product. It’s pricing on a yellow ticket and the price usually end .97p. It’s been discounted to sell it through and if your trying to make profit there seems little point in trying to transfer a product that you don’t make any on. The measures, KPI’s, targets issue. The old scheme was CPR it is now SQ. The salespeople have a number of measures to hit. On a Computer it is the number of systems sold with the following: A warranty (Cover), Anti-Virus (any not just Norton), Office, Bag (if Laptop), Mobile Broadband expressed as a percentage with Cover doubled as this is primary measure. A TV has : Cover, a cable, a stand. MDA just Cover. Lastly there is other items, Cameras, Printer etc and how many bits and cover you sell with them. Printer with a ink cartridge etc. The individual percentages are added together and give a score, the SQ. The stores overall SQ is what matters, if it high we have sold loads of bits that make money and we will survive as a company. It should not be the be all and end all, in the end profit is sanity and KPI’s are vanity. It is poor management if hitting SQ is all that matters, sell customers what they want well and they return. Ram stuff they don’t want and they won’t. Hope that answers your question.
  • Anon
    This article sure does bring out the worst in Currys employees.
  • Paul a.
    Note to self - never work for any DSG store. Paul – Don’t you know who I am?
  • Louis
    I really can't understand why everyone is biting, every company has people that don't want to work for them and couldn't give a knack about their (notice the correct spelling please) job. I've been a delivery driver for DSGi for 8 years, some good and some bad. I really enjoy it. I've had a version of FIVES training and although it was not focused on selling goods it was focused on selling myself and how I could be the best and do my best for the customer. Ok it was a bit cheesy in places but it was fun and completely different to the "sit in front of a powerpoint presentation for 5 hours" shite we've had before. I endeavour to do my best for my customers everyday. They pay my wages! You can please most of the people all of the time, but you can't please all of the people most of the time. Anon:- I was initially quite intrested when i found this website and thought it's threads were quite good however I think the name says it all www.bitter(andtwisted) Have bitterwallet ever gone with a good news story? Just for journalistic impartiality of course!
  • DixonsFan
    It's clear that the people that hate Fives are not natural sales people. It's fact that if you're a decent sales person and have been around sales for a while you'll know that the questions Fives wants you to ask are decent probing questions that any sales person would ask to get to know the customers needs. The robotic type of Fives people are probably new to sales and haven't quite found out how to make it their own. If you look at Comet or Best Buy, they use the same type of selling model, it's not just us, and in any sales job you are always always taught to maximise a sale where possible.... it's just what businesses do. Why do you think that when you buy something off Amazon you get a "you might also be interested in...." they are trying to maximise the sale to make more money from you.... God forbid! I've seen a colleague not ask about antivirus or Office and 3 days later that customer came back in to the store and spent an extra £150 quid on Office and Norton. We ask questions so we can better understand what you need, and believe it or not there are hundreds of people that don't realise they need Word for the kid to do homework or Excel to do spead sheets. We don't know what you need until we ask. When it comes to AV, Norton and Kaspersky offer the best all round protection and offer a firewall which is something that AVG free does not. Check out the benchmarks online and you'll see how bad AVG is. If you don't like being sold to then it would be best to stay away from retail stores
  • P-Jay
    Love a good bitchfest of a bank hoiday monday

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