The sort of receipt you don't want to find in a recession

So the recession is biting the US hard. The BBC is reporting that there were more jobs losses last year than in any year since World War II; 2.6 million jobs disappeared in total, with over half a million of them lost in December alone. Yikes.

Businesses are been hit by a lack of consumer spending, meaning many are cutting their advertising budgets, which is in turn having an adverse affect on media agencies, such as those based in New York's Madison Avenue. Yep, they're struggling to make ends meet alright, there's no money sloshing abo-

Oh. Seems not everyone needs to sell their grandmother for cash, judging by this ATM receipt found on the streets of the Big Apple on Tuesday:

And that's not even a savings account. That's just the rainy day money. Gah.

[I'm Not Bored Anymore] via [Consumerist]


  • MB
    I had more than that in my current account ... the day I sold my house.
  • Alex
    Rich people are rich? Woah!
  • wanker
    bill gates fallen on hard times?
  • Pokey
    Wow. It's a big number. You need both hands for that one. What's the big deal?
  • Ray F.
    Dont see the point of this! Those who were wise with their money have obviously prepared for the current climate. If you have a monthly income of £1500 and want a mortgage for £1200 a month and lie on your application, what do you expect? People did not realise that there will be increases in petrol/diesel, food etc... Worse times are to come! Budget yourself and dont follow Joe Bloggs down the road who has bought a new convertible and out of hate or jeleousy you must compete. Each to thier own!
  • Rockgeek
    Wow - breaking news story... some people have a lot of money!!! Thank the Lord above we now have conclusive proof of this one spoken myth.
  • David C.
    damn i knew i should have shredded my bank reciept and burned it in one of my mansions!+
  • dean
    what the point in this post? some people have money whilst others dont? what a waste of interweb space
  • Bob
    ATM number is 9/11.
  • Blondie
    Man...some people are bitter!! Sure this post was just a bit of fun!! You lot moaning, are saying you wouldn't show this to people if you found it in the machine!? Lighten up!!
  • Mike H.
    "Businesses are been hit by a lack of consumer spending" Jesus Feckin' Christ, are you from Birmingham?

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