The search for the most pointless Royal Wedding memorabilia goes on...

28 March 2011

knityourownroyalweddingFirst there was the Royal Wedding fridge. Then there was the Royal Wedding pie to keep in said fridge. Now, you can Knit your own Royal Wedding. I kid you not.

Fiona Goble (no, not gobble)'s  "lovely and humorous characters are instantly recognizable, from the bride’s broad smile and sparkling engagement ring to the groom’s dashing uniform (complete with tiny sequin orders and medals)".

Not only is this little beauty now coming in at number 33 in books on (yes, that's ALL books), but you can also get your hands on a William and Kate dress up dolly book too. Hours of fun to be had for a natz over a tenner.

Still, what did you expect from a publisher that counts Beautiful Cows, Beautiful Pigs and, yes, Beautiful Sheep among its list? I hear Miss July is really horny...


  • maxtweenie
    Why's she marrying Postman Pat?
  • Matt
    What's happened to the arch bishops ears? Can he fly?
  • Dave
    theres nothing wrong with the beautiful cows calendar, its been on our wall since christmas!
  • Ten B.
    [...] search for the most pointless Royal Wedding memorabilia goes [...]

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