The Seabird - is this the future of mobile phones?

Jetpacks, rocket boots, flying cars etc etc. It's all bollocks and clearly none of it is going to happen, despite the promises of so many generations. So what about this, then? Can we have mobile phones that use projections to create virtual workspaces? No? Still too much? Bastards.

It's only a concept so don't bother the Carphone Warehouse just yet, but the potential is exciting. Building projectors into mobile devices is a natural evolution since it allows the user to better exploit stored and streaming video, but creating virtual keyboards would complete the circle. Pack enough speed and usability in, and it could kill off the netbook completely.

[Mozilla Labs]


  • PokeHerPete
  • PaulH
    I think I just accidentally the whole thing
  • zleet
    Look at the names at the 1:45ish mark (Roy, Jen and Moss), IT crowd ftw.
  • The B.
    Nice, not only are they Roy, Jen and Moss but the emails are all bits from the show - "Googling Google", "What does IT stand for".
  • The B.
    On a more serious topic, aren't Mozilla basically freeware, so no real company as such? Or am I mistaken?
  • Richard
    I want one.... Now...
  • DragonChris
    I second Richards motion. Me want!
  • Ed L.
    Would be fantastic for the 9 seconds the battery lasted.
  • Paul C.
    I like The Submarines. They're rather good.
  • cheese
  • Brad
    Am I the only one who things that looks fantastically ugly?
  • zleet
    @The Real Bob I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Mozilla makes a fair amount of money from referrals via the custom Google homepage and search widgets (like Amazon) in Firefox. I might be wrong though.
  • Ten B.
    [...] The Seabird – is this the future of mobile phones? [...]

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