The scratch-proof glasses you could eat your dinner off

If you’re a four-eyed spectacles wearer, you’ll know that the only thing more infuriating than being called ‘four-eyed’ by some smarmy oaf on a blog is the nightmare of getting your lenses scratched when you put them down on a hard surface.

Buy fireworks and take a half-day off work to detonate them because those days are as over as Gary Glitter’s recording career. That’s thanks to these scratch-proof glasses that have appeared on the I New Idea blog – a veritable home of innovation.

Rather than develop some pioneering new lenses that cannot be tarnished by anything, the whizz kids behind this product have put some little legs on the spectacles, allowing you to stand them up when you’re not using them. Genius! They look like a little picnic table! Double genius!

Sure, you might go boss-eyed as your peepers are inextricably drawn towards the legs at either side of your field of vision but AT LEAST YOUR GLASSES WON’T GET SCRATCHED.

The site is a veritable playground of bonkers products and we suspect we’ll be back there for more sooner rather than later. Once our ravaged eyes have sorted themselves out.

[via Oh Gizmo]


  • Francis R.
    I hear Gary has a future career singing childrens songs...
  • Pure-Klenz
    Simple - but the legs on a hinge...$$$ here I come!
  • Rob
    One word - Optigrab !!!!!
  • V L.
    @Rob Optigrab is such an epic product from such an epic film.
  • Andy
    Or put your glasses down the other way up instead, maybe...................
  • numberwang
    "Sure, you might go boss-eyed as your peepers are inextricably drawn towards the legs at either side of your field of vision" but they fold in when you wear them......
  • Darkhoney
    I am not convinced with these they something dame edna would wear
  • Tim
    Good spot their Darkhoney, I wanted to make the exact same point! Looks like you beat me to it. I'd buy a pair.
  • deeyup
    You could just get essilor crizal forte lenses fitted to any pair of specs, which are guaranteed scratchproof. Personally, I reckon I could scratch them, but essilor will replace free of charge any scratched lenses for 2 years from purchase. Better than these weirdo looking specs.
  • Bruno
    LOL, I wish these where around when I still wore glasses.... Well not really, i woulnd't use them :P
  • Antique A.
    I am unsure whether these will work for my winged 1950s diamante specs. But let's hope the inventor of this has more luck than the inventor of the Opti-Grab (see: for details).
  • Garry
    Are me ( and numberwang ) the ONLY people to realise that when you are wearing these, the 'legs' become part of the frame, as clearly illustrated by the second picture?! These would need a hefty case for transport though!

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