The sacfree underpants, for swingers everywhere

Bitterwallet - sacfreeOn Friday we transported you back to 1985 with a look at the Argos catalogue of the day. Now, join us in the Bitterwallet time machine as we witness the fashion of 2005 that never was.

Five years ago, a German garment manufacturer called sacfree produced a pair of pants so revolutionary that they seemingly died out and were never heard of again.

We only know of their existence thanks to a journalist who finally got around to testing a promotional pair of the undercrackers five years later. What are sacfree pants all about? The clue's in the name, as the poorly translated press release explained:

"The world-wide first testicle-free men's underwear - a fantastic, comfortable, free feeling and a new sexy look.

And so it works: sacfree® protects and supports the penis in a bag-like pouch. Till here sacfree® feels like a classic slip. For the testicle sacfree® offers pure space. Through an opening the sac can hangs out completely free.

With its open kind sacfree® makes for a fresh breeze. A comfortable and manly healthy characteristic. [A]bove all, people who works vocationally much in sitting will appreciate the new sacfree® freedom."



  • mein c.
    jesus all it would take would be one awkward twist and then pop goes the weasel
  • Foxes K.
    Or you could say bang goes the fox?
  • TeflonMan
    Whatever happened to Vorsprung durch Technik? Mein Gott ...!
  • Yue
  • Nobby
    Most of my underwear has big holes in.
  • Noghar
    I works vocationally much in sitting. And these look like a recipe for crushed nuts.

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