The royal wedding pie to keep in your royal wedding fridge...

screen-shot-2011-02-21-at-01-06-20 Last week we dazzled you with news of a royal wedding fridge/freezer as voted for by the ‘fans’ of GE kitchen products. But what should the hardcore royalist actually keep stored in the damned thing?

Probably some of these – the ‘Kate & Wills Pie’ as launched today by Sainsbury's. No, really. Containing British beef, wine, bacon, pearl onions, mushrooms and a dash of brandy, it’ll be the perfect face-filler as you sit down to ogle at the extravagant display of majesty and inbred stupidity on April 29th. And all for only £3.25.

There’s still more than a month until the inevitable damp squib (and bonus day off) that will be the royal wedding itself and we reckon the most idiotic ‘commemorative product’ is probably still yet to appear.

They’ll probably end up flogging a recording of the wedding vows on iTunes or something ridiculous like that. Oh, hang on...


  • Jason B.
    Mmmmmm, pie, she looks nice.
  • Nick T.
    Dunno about pearl onions but she'd look good with a pearl neckl... oh, I can't be bothered.
  • Larry L.
    Pieminister do make pretty decent pies.
  • Pieface
    Pieminister pies are the dog's doo-dah's. Will be getting some of these....
  • Jeebus
    Still waiting for the commemorative bog-roll so I can truly show my appreciation for the royals!

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