The price of stamps goes up, again

039stamp_468x541 Seeing as everyone just sends emails and messages on social media, it isn't surprising to hear that the Royal Mail is going to increase the costs of first and second class stamps again.

From 30th March, the prices for first and second class stamps is going up by 1p to 63p and 54p respectively. If you're sending a large letter, that'll go up by 2p to 95p for first class and by 1p to 74p for second class.

There are some price drops though. Royal Mail said that they're going to cut the price of sending a second-class medium parcel. They're going to simplify the process too, whatever that means. For a small second-class parcel, the price is frozen.

They say that they've thought very carefully about all this and that they recognise the impact on customers during a tough economic time. They've stuck the prices up in response to their continuing complaint about the costs of their Universal Service Obligation, which is an agreement which sees the Royal Mail obligated to deliver to every UK home for the price of a stamp.

Of course, rivals are moving in on their turf and they have no such worries about having to deliver everywhere, meaning the Royal Mail are annoyed that some companies have cherry-picked certain cities, making life difficult for them. Alas, the postage regulator isn't going to be looking into it and are basically telling the Royal Mail to shut up with their whining.


  • Albi
    Yes they should shut up. They have a monopoly - adapt or die.
  • Mikebeaver
    Royal Mail are useless, I sold something at Christmas, sent it recorded delivery, it never arrived, so I bought a replacement, sent that ( again recorded) the second item didn't arrive. Once putting a claim in, they will not pay out unless I provide proof of how much I paid for it, which obviously no one keeps a receipt for two years. MyHermes, Parcel2go and other couriers charge for insurance but pay out the actual value of the stuff they loose / break, why is it so hard for Royal Fail to do the decent thing?

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