The price of love? About $7389.09AUD

You know, in a way, a relationship is kinda like an investment. Not a financial one, but one where you invest a significant part of yourself in another individual. Your heart, soul, in fact, every fibre of your being is invested in that person who you see as your significant other. The returns for your investment are many – love, devotion and… ah, who the hell are we kidding?

If you’re the Australian dick who presented his ex with an itemised bill covering the entirety of their relationship, it’s all about the money. He invested loads, their affair ended and now he’s invoicing her. Amazingly, Elizabeth, the woman who he loved then billed, isn’t naming and shaming the scumbag weasel, although she's posted the bill on her blog.

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  • darren W.
    I cant believe he is being that low to charge for an Ebay style listing for $3.70.... He could have at least round it to $
  • Wyliekid
    expensive chick ....
  • Paul N.
    So uhhhh who's "Emily" for $3k?
  • LDR
    That's one hell of a one night stand!!
  • jaysexy212005
    The fact his charged Emily to her means she must have been the one who had the one night stand.
  • cheapskate
    Emily could be a very expensive pet - see a few further down for the vets bills and flea stuff....
  • samw
    so he must have kept a diary?!
  • Amanda H.
    Why doesn't she counter sue? BJ's x 23 @ $50 = $1150 Waste disposal x 23 @ $1 = $23 Back Door x3 @ $150 = $450 Crab Cream x 1 @ $5 = $5 ....and so forth
  • The B.
    If you look at the list he's actually deducted things she paid for, although the whole thing smells fake.
  • kirsty
    oh my god hahhahaha
  • -=Mike H.
    What's wrong with that? If the bitch cheats, he's entitled to his money back I say. YHe ought to add his time making the invoice too, get in there dude!
  • Ed B.
    I'm pretty sure if we were posting about a woman doing this, she'd be hailed as an independent thinking strong minded feminist hero. We'd see comments like "she's got sass" or "go girl". Sure, the guy's a sad git for doing it, but if all he has and values is money, chances are the woman was a golddigger anyhow.
  • Randy
    Pay back the rent and whatever the money back to his parents in. Otherwise, both of you grow up and move on in life.
  • The D.
    What a dick
  • Cindy
    So, where is her bill to him? Like for his part of the rent, utilities, etc.? And $4,000 over more than a year? That's nothing. He needs to chalk it up to experience and move on.
  • Mike
    From what I see, if those charges are for her living expenses, she used the guy. IF I am wrong about this, please correct. IF not, how is this ok for this lady to take all of those payments and funds to support her living?? Again, IF she took the money and did not pay back, what is the difference between dating and a high priced escort??
  • Jordan S.
    He should've done what I did! Send that ho out to work. The she can come home and bill him for all that pussy he got (or not, maybe a small refund is due there also)
  • Deborah
    I think I am owed some back pay myself LOL!
  • Thebillgirl
    Not only did I work, I made more money than this guy. He did not pay most the living expenses. You can even see where he considers them negatives for me paying them. I don't know why I have to keep defending myself here - I've made an updated blog stating I was not aware of the rent and things being billed to me, especially since most of the time I was paying it. You can see clearly where I paid him back for the credit card charges.
  • Charlotte
    My God, He needs to grow up.
  • EME
    What a loser no wonder you dumped his ass
  • gabybali
    What a loser he is. Did she ever pay the bill finally?!..

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