The Potty Putter - have a number two after a hole in one

Spend too much time on the toilet reading the Daily Sport or texting the mistress in Shanghai, and sooner or later you'll develop a bad case of arse grapes. So we cannot under any circumstance recommend you take up golf while dropping off the kids at the pool:

It's wrong in more ways than we care to count. Ladies, if you start dating a gent and find one of these in his bathroom, run away. Quickly.



  • pauski
    That guy was going commando - or he is shitting his pants.
  • acecatcher3
    not sure paul but his grips all wrong
  • Steve S.
    I bought one of these in Hypernova in central Europe. For a relative. Ahem.
  • Tom P.
    I just want that FREE "Do Not Disturb" sign, so i jackoff in peace, with my copy of the Daily Sport.
  • > H.
    Now you can shit in the buker of your very own golf course, I want.
  • > H.
    ^^Bunker^^ I don't know what the fuck a buker is...
  • Luque
  • Antique A.
    I often loiter on the 19th hole and ask any eligible young men to visit my throne room if they are swingers.
  • James R.
    I saw this advert almost 5 years ago - can't believe it's still doing the rounds
    putter box... putter box Bring a stick on an airplane? I have a putter that I purchased (2nd part) of a person and want to make my country. Should I be stuck in a box or luggage can I bring with me in the booth? This is a golf club You can not put as hand luggage...

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