The Palm Pre is coming, so are 1,000 monks to kick in your door

It's nearly time, just two days to go, and the iPhone haters are getting sticky pants regarding the launch of the new Palm Pre. It runs background applications! It has a physical keyboard! And if it doesn't sell in significant numbers, then Palm are going down to Chinatown!

So to whip up an enthusiastic welcome for the handset that Palm's future trading relies on, they've released a commercial. Sadly for those people who aren't sure where their smartphone allegiances lie yet, the advert is hardly the dealbreaker. Instead of 60 seconds of hardcore touchscreen pornography, you get occasional snatches of the phone and its features, while the camera obsesses over several hundred Buddhist monks performing a Mexican wave. Meh.

[Facebook] via [Gizmodo]


  • Tom P.
    I wonder what Santa will bring me for Christmas?'s only 203 sleeps left !!!
  • bykergrove
    I'll stick to my touch hd running WM 6.5
  • pauski
    Stick to my htc touch too. (Tom is really getting to me x3)

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