The Oops design awards - where lack of functionality meets ugly

You get home after a hard day's graft to discover the easy chair has been binned and the wife has bought you this freakish piece of furniture. No, it's meant to look like that. Short of melting your spine we're not sure how you're meant to sit on the... is it a chair?

Instead of knocking up some stuff that'll make life more enjoyable or economical, plenty of designers waste their time and talent titting about with monstrosities like this - furniture nobody will ever care for outside a Salvador Dali painting. It's a past nominee for the Oops Design Awards - the "first award in the world for bad product design". Christ, they're going to have their hands full.



  • Dave S.
    Looks like a chair has gone through Brundle Flys teleporter with a cows stomach and a plumber
  • bykergrove
    its called art. plus shows the skill of the up and coming designer. here this is more up your street:
  • Geoff J.
    How many articles has bitterwallet actually written? They all seem to be copied from other websites in some form or another. I'm not having a digg, if this wasn't the case I would have never found oddee which is a fantastic website
  • Nobby
    This one looks like fun ...
  • DX
    Yeh this is art, they were designed with a motive or a reason or thought. They weren't intended to be commercially aesthetically pleasing. So this Oops Award thing is a bit embarrassing actually...
  • Tiny S.
    @DX. It's not art, the inspiration for this came when the 'designer', after a hard night's drinking, shat himself climbing over a stile. The colour, texture and form are all 'as it was' on the night in qestion.
  • DX
    @Tiny Soprano Lol, I can tell you don't appreciate art!
  • Junkyard
    I hereby award the "Oops Grammar Award" to the Oops Award website, for such fucktardery as this: - "Our award is created only in 2009 but we wand to present you also designs of 2005-2008 that very suitable for 'virtual' OOPS DESIGN AWARD 2008 nominations."
  • Oops! B.
    [...] in the year, we covered the launch of the Oops Awards for bad product design. After months of deliberation, the judging panel have come up with the [...]
  • Lee
    Love this chair! Does it still exist? Do you want it? Is it for sale? If so, get back to me, and let's chat! Keep up the great work!

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