The new Sony VAIO notebook - officially too big for arse pockets

We told you last month how Sony were threatening to enter the current netbook bunfight with some sleek looking hangbag-sized package (or as regular Bitterwallet reader Andy of Yarm commented: "That's one big sanitary towel":)

Now the wrapper's off, and Sony have announced that the VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC notebook will be available in February. It'll no doubt have the Sony fanboys giggling like infantiles, with it's 8-inch LCD screen, broadband, wifi and Bluetooth connections, plus built-in GPS. And look kids, it's available in shades of 1980's t-shirt print:

Obviously we wouldn't advise carrying your spickety new VAIO around in your arse pocket, as demonstrated in Sony's promotional video, because it's not got a netbook price tag attached; expect to part with £600 if you want one next month.


  • MB
    The picture bottom left, it is clearly not all the way in the pocket - it only seems to fit in about an inch and a half. Surely it could easily ride up and fall out and get smashed or trampled, or more likely just get pulled out by a pikie.
  • Paul S.
    If you watch the video, it keeps slipping out and has to be constantly pushed back in. I'm not quite sure how or why that's a selling point.
  • Mike H.
    Highly inconspicuous, I doubt the chavs will ever know you've got one of these on your person.
  • Graham
    I think its not intended to carry in your pocket but simply showing how small it is. Better marketing than taking pictures of it next to a 50p or someones hand.
  • Bob
    Hold on now, they've made these before, back in about 2002/3 I had a Sony Vaio (about 9"x6") with an Orange (I know) network card for out of hours support (very handy when you're down the pub, fitted snuggly in a combat trouser pocket), it's nothing new though.
  • Mike H.
    some numpty is bound to try it and sit down..
  • Anthony
    The retial price in UK is about £850 for a basic model.
  • Sony G.
    some pics of the sheer size of the thing think it looks rather nifty

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