The Necky™ - for the simpleton with a neck

Holy fuckcakes, what fresh hell is this? If you're too stupid to tie a scarf, then buy the Necky™ Fleece Scarf today and you'll get a free Bitterwallet bolt-gun to press against your own temple and fire. Not that we'd trust you to do that properly, either:

It's a bib, for crying out loud. And nobody we know ever gets their scarf trapped in a door on a daily basis. Unless they're stupid twats of the highest, stupidest order. Be assured - if you buy this and wear it, we will find you.



  • Brian's U.
    It's for the American market. Another example that the standard of education in America needs improving.
  • Andrew R.
    Looks OK actually!
  • Thomas F.
    This might seem a little dark but if only that poor girl in the go-karting accident the other day had a Necky...
    Just the pressie for my boss.
  • Alex T.
    Where do you find this [email protected]!
  • Johnny F.
    Unlike the stupid yanks, we know how to use scarves.
  • PaganWolf
    Fab for flashers! Looks like they are legit until *flash*.
  • xman
    The idea is not totally unsound even though the execution is entirely crap. It is also a bit of a rip off of the Buffy.
  • Not B.
    [...] love the US or would like to see the entire country towed to the Moon without oxygen. So soon after the Necky™ blighted our eyes, this christmas gift is causing mock uproar in the British press, with The Sun [...]
  • Chris
    I want the free gift at the end, unlocks the door without the key! Magic.
  • WTFace.
    I've bought all 3 of the colours. The look great with any outfit.
  • JJ
    Haha, gaping holes
  • Jan A.
    These were really fashionable in 1966 (I had one in brown and one in blue).
  • Private
    Hi I was looking through the web and wanted to let you know of my new blog over at The Buggies Dune Project. Feel free to visit and leave a message
  • Matthew K.
    There are some mosquitoes in San Jose but is no much different than in the US and the weather is springlike in SJ and its not really hot and not sticky at all

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