The most awesome shop in the world... ever!

With its less-than-secret headquarters located in a hollowed-out volcano New York City, the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company has everything the budding caped crusader (and daring young sidekick) needs to rid the world of evil. Why, there are capes, masks, grappling hooks, invisibility paint, jars of anti-matter, tins of gravity and more besides. Trading Standards would have a fucking field day:

Bitterwallet - The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company

While you can buy the products, it's actually all a front for a intergalactic arms conglomerate creative writing group in Brooklyn. They don't own destroy whole planets and won't try to drown, vaporise, suffocate you with force fields or feed you to alligators. Except the one with the boss eye and glowing power ring. Watch him.

[A Tribe Called Next]

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  • Ben M.
    I've been here loads of times. You have to recite a superhero pledge when you buy things. There's a web cafe hidden behind a bookcase (not always open) doors into secret lairs (not always accesable) and EVERYTHING, including the staff, are deadly serious in character. I had a bottle of "remedy" on my shelf for years, that had some sort of black liquid in it. Never was brave enough to drink it...

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