The Moscow beg-dogs that are commuting to work

Moscow shoppers now have a savvy new brand of beggars looking for hand-outs from them as they trawl the shops – wild dogs. But the clued-up canines aren’t locals, hanging around in the capital once their work is done – they’ve become adept at commuting, getting the train into the city every day.

By night, the dogs live quietly in the Moscow suburbs, but experts studying them say they have figured out how to get into the centre of the capital using the underground, even learning which stop to get off at so that they can hit the streets and maximise their haul from shoppers and city workers.

They’ve even developed sneaky tactics to rob Muscovites of their shawarma, a kebab-like snack – they sneak up behind them and bark loudly, forcing them to drop the meat on the pavement.

If that is how the dogs have responded to the introduction of capitalism into Russia, the rest of us had better wake up, roll over and prepare to let the Red Menace tickle our tummies, because we’re probably all doomed.


  • Don D.
    If that wa a dog that had nicked my kebab, I'd piss in it's ear
  • Probably B.
    [...] Moscow beg-dogs that are commuting to [...]

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