The money saving, eco-friendly bathroom: now wash your hands

We all want to save the cheerleader the world, and we all want to save some pennies. Designers have recognised this growing desire, and are doing something about it. Still, it's the sort of thing that seems neither right nor proper at first glance:

According to designer Ariel Rojo who created the Tlalokc water saving toilet (left and centre), combining the two bathroom essentials means saving 83 per cent of the water required to use a toilet.

While the Tlalokc is only a design model at the moment, the slightly uglier but more practical Caroma smartflush toilet is commercially available in Australia already, and due to be sold in the US this Spring.

It's still not right. You're washing your hands in the toilet. Sort of. Gah.

[HomeTome] and [DigsDigs]


  • Eh?
    Nice if you want to brush your teeth.
  • Andy D.
    I'll stick with this thanks.
  • Scully
    This is already commonplace in Japanese homes/appartments.
  • jinkssick
    I dont see a problem with it. Its water that would have been wasted anyway after everyday normal washing. Thank goodness I am not a serial killer as blood flushing down poo is a sight I hope to never see.
  • Amanda H.
    I can see a small flaw in this toilet, mainly to fill the reservoir, you need to wash your hands, but dont you need to take a dump first? So its wash your hands, take a dump, wash your hands.
  • HK
    yes but the person before you will have filled the reservoir when they washed their hands. so the only flaw is if the person before you didnt wash their hands after they were done....
  • well w.
    shame they don't make it so you can wash ya arse whilst it flushes.
  • Juan K.
    What happens if some one does a floater in the sink?

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