The moms are on the net - because the net is for everyone!

The internet is already pretty big – at a guess, we’d say there’s about 50-60,000 people on it worldwide at any given time. But now it’s about to get a hell of a lot bigger because… the moms are coming!

The entire demographic of the net could change overnight if the mother influx hinted at in the film below gathers speed. Phorm will almost certainly have to start again from scratch. And the blogosphere will be transformed from being just millions of posts about Star Wars into a valuable body of advice and support on crochet.

We here at Bitterwallet wholeheartedly welcome our new pre-menopausal overlords overladies…

[Everything Is Terrible]


  • Mike H.
    I did a search for 'mums coming', and I was disgusted at what was returned, I shall not be back, except to look at more mums coming...
  • Not H.
    Ooo, Mike Hock didn't post that one up there... not sure what happened. Apologies real Mike.
  • Amanda H.
    Like this Mike? Not for Work:
  • Mike H.
    Amanda, we can either assume that the image depicts a lady hugging a male chicken, or that, indeed, she does loves a pork sword, I will check later, out of sight of the Mrs. Mike Hock #2 No problem ;)
  • No c.
    50-60,000 people on the net at any given time? Try adding a zero on the end of that at least
  • Simon
    In response to No chance Adding a 0 to that figure would take it up to 600,000 people. Now please excuse me here, but I'm gonna stick my neck out and say that that is highly optimistic. I just don't think this net thing is going to take off once the initial hype has passed.
  • badmans
    yeah, maybe even 2 zeroes? Anyone want to prove me wrong when I say there must be at least 50k people playing MMORPGs at any given time?
  • Simon
    2 zeroes?!? 6,000,000 (six million)??? All at the same time??? You're crazy! You got swine flu? Would never happen.
  • Andy D.
    There aren't even six million people in the WORLD for Christ's sake. I'm looking out of the window now, and I can see... nobody. Nobody at all. So where are they? You tell me THAT! Hang on, there's a chimney sweep. So that's one. And he's not using the internet.
  • Mike H.
    Do they have windows in bunkers Andy? Are they a bit like the windows in submarines?
  • Kris
    Andy I think you have got confused there (unless the was sarcasm) in fact there ARE six billion people in the world! According to google: Population: 6,706,993,152 (July 2008 est.)
  • Daniel B.
    Re: Kris Bless you ;)
  • Simon
    Sheeece! 6 billion? Wowsers. But to put us back on topic. That doesn't negate the fact that, thanks to Andy's thorough research, we've discovered they're all chimney sweeps not surfing the net at the same time.
  • Andy D.
    @Mike Hock - when I said window, I meant periscope. Plus, I might have accidentally rammed the periscope up the BW chimney.
  • badmans
    I can't find any discourse discussing the amount of people online at any given time. Was hoping that would have it but no. Can anyone shed light on this? its annoying me now.
  • Mike H.
    Is that why you spotted the chimney sweep Andy? For a right ol' cockney knees up mother brown apples 'n' pears?
  • Amanda H.
    Oh dear, Lets do a count 1.
  • radio d.
    those women are boring as hell. with any luck they will all die from rsi injuries from typing boring crap on the net
  • LiES! L.
    6 billion people in the world? You people are living in fantasy world.
  • krypt
    am i mistaken or is that a young george eads aka nick stokes from csi delivering the flowers?
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