The mind-blowing new Japanese hair dryer

11439box“Oh my God! No! Don’t! Put the gun down! Don’t blow your goddamn brains out! It’s almost certainly not worth it! Whatever ‘it’ actually is! I mean, we don’t know what you’ve been going through that could have led you to the brink of such as horrible, final act! But even so, surely there’s got to be a better way!”

That’s what we collectively roared in Bitterwallet HQ earlier today when we poked our heads round the door into Dealspwn’s personal grooming paddock and caught sight of Emma The Editor on the brink of putting a bullet through the side of her head.

11439-2bFortunately it was all a silly misunderstanding – Emma was just drying her hair using this 'Western Dryer' that she’s had imported from Japan. And by ‘Western’ they mean the cowboy movie genre, and not Blackpool. Perhaps we were confused by the fact that she was listening to 'Suicide Blonde' by INXS at the time.

So everything turned out okay and Emma assures us that she has no intentions of topping herself. Not just right now anyway.


  • Nobby
    It would be more useful if they made a gun that looked like a hairdryer.
  • The B.
    Go on Andy, you're fooling no one, Emma's Vince in drag isn't she?
  • Brian
    Wrong plug

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