The man who'll see off the recession by getting dressed

Ever had one of those dreams where you were fabulously wealthy, but then you woke up and realised you were in fact still devastatingly poor? We've all had them. Jason Sadler had the same dreams, but then he had one of these frustratingly clever ideas that'll no doubt make him a tidy pile of money. His idea? To get dressed. Every day. Brilliant.

It's called I Wear Your Shirt: Sadler is hiring out his torso every day in 2009, for businesses to place their extra large t-shirts on. Once Sadler's in your t-shirt, he's in it all day long - for photos, for YouTube, Flickr and anywhere else you want him. How much does it cost? It depends what day of they year you want; January 1st went for a dollar, while New Years' Eve sold for $365.

If you think that sounds utter rubbish, it's worth bearing in mind a similar project - the Million Dollar Homepage - which not only made its creator Alex Tew $1 million, unsurprisingly - but whipped up a massive amount of PR for the 21 year-old at the time.

How much does Sadler stand to make? If he sells all 365 days at their various amounts, he'll make... well. A Level Maths is a few years behind us, but we reckon it'll be $66,795, or roughly £45,000 - a tidy sum for loafing about in brand new t-shirts all year round.


  • Tommy J.
    Absolute, stone cold freaking genius! Best of luck to that man!
  • rasanh
    there is actually one problem, if he acts like a jerk then the sponsors advert will be affected by assosication. nice idea though.
  • Liddle m.
    Yep, quite simply fab. He's even sold the most expensive day already. Any tech-heads out there wanna help me implement my similarly 'simple-but-brilliant' idea for 2010? You know you want to...
  • Sean
    If any business are considering this I'll rent my "extra large" torso for the same price - much more advertising space for your money!
  • Jim
    The old "Wish I thought of it" springs to mind, but even if I had thought of it before him, I wouldn't have thought it was that good an Idea in the first place. To self! "think outside the box"
  • Yaser
    who'd want his ugly mug representing a company ? banks maybe , fat cats
  • Jez
    What can I say : ???
  • Jez
  • Mike H.
    Think I'll give him $1 for my birthday to wera a T-Shirt printed with 'Your mum loves Mike Hock'

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