The mailing list unsubscribe that caters to your thirst for vengence

Screen shot 2010-03-24 at 10.24.21 There’s something perversely satisfying about unsubscribing from email mailouts that you never read and care nothing for.

Knowing that your inbox will no longer be troubled by the likes of Mr Argos or Dr Tesco and their advertising flim flam always feels like a step forward, an achievement. The only trouble is that it is usually confirmed by a simple one-line web page, politely informing you that you have unsubscribed and (maybe) that they’re sorry to see you go.

Not so in the case of Groupon, a Las Vegas-based bargain-hunting and collective buying website. Unsubscribe from their mailing list and you’ll get to see Derrick (pictured), the berk who put your name on there in the first place, along with footage of him getting his comeuppance.

Up yours Derrick!

[via @stugoo]

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  • Nobby
    Not bad, but I'd prefer a choice of punishment. Including angry wasps.

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