The lottery just got much harder to win

16 June 2015

lotto-m Play the National Lottery? Well, things are being changed, which might make you think twice, as it will be much more difficult to get anything out of it. Now, there's just a 1 in 45 million chance of winning the jackpot, as ten more numbers have been added, meaning you select from 59 numbers as opposed to the usual 49.

The ticket price isn't changing and you'll still get £25 for matching three numbers, only now, it'll be harder to pick three correct numbers.

So what are the changes?

- Players will now pick out of 59 numbers.
- Matching two balls will win you a free play.
- Match three balls and you can claim £25.
- Match four balls to win £100.
- Five matches will earn you £1,000
- Five and the bonus ball will win an estimated £50,000
- And all six will mean the jackpot is all yours.

This is expected to come into play in October.



  • Peter T.
    Ah well, it will only affect stupid people.
  • Rab
    Wot a lot of crap won't b playing it
  • ray e.
    Would not have done this if branson had been awarded the bid as he should have been. Camelot & Government corruption has destroyed the lottery !
  • Paul
    I've been running a syndicate at work since it began but this is a terrible thing to do. They said on the news that they had done this after consulting the players, we've never been consulted, which is what they said when the raised the ticket price to £2. We shall pack it in after September, this is the last straw. They can kiss our £20 a week goodbye.
  • John
    I shall switch to the Health Lottery, bring back the pools coupon.
  • Nigel A.
    I have played one line minimum every draw by direct debit since the start and have never had more than 3 numbers. I will definitely be cancelling my payment. What a joke. Every body wants more for less now in this country!
  • Eric
    Since the cost was increased to £2 I have won a single £25 and now the odds on getting that amount will go from 57 to 1 up to 97 to 1 but as a bonus I may “win” a lucky dip ticket if I only get two numbers. They are having a laugh. Like others I will probably give up when it changes and do a bit extra on the Irish Lotto Bet at the bookies (better odds and I can vary how much I stake).
  • Raggedy
    It makes you wonder what kind of an incentive this is to make people play? Numbers have been dwindling (just note the weekly jackpot - it used to be about 5 million every week). There's an awful lot of money swimming around Camelot and I really can't see the point in putting prospective punters off. If the Fraud Squad aren't doing anything at the moment, perhaps they could take a look? Just saying, I'm sure there's absolutely nothing wrong. Probably one of these management decisions which doesn't work but no-one will mention when it doesn't. :-)
  • Mark W.
    Camelot today released a statement: 'BECAUSE **** YOU, THAT's WHY!'
  • Will B.
    @John: You intend to switch to the Health Lottery? I did that when I cancelled my private health insurance and reverted to using the National Health Service - now that is a lottery.
  • Gavin E.
    With these latest changes to the UK national lottery I can see even more people jumping ship to other forms of gaming. I am not surprised scratch cards are becoming more and more popular!
  • R S.
    Since £2 a go, I've rarely gone in for it. There's many reasons why the Lottery's going the wrong way:- Used to be one draw per week: now many, even per day. Added to that, scratch cards & the various games dilute the interest & funds. Having winners getting "silly money" for jackpots rather than share it down to the "nearly winners" where the money might actually get spent again, helping the economy. Just have one weekly draw, prize money shared out sensibly per draw rather than the rollovers.
  • Raggedy
    For those of you interested, this will be the prizes once changes have been made. Prize .....Lottery...... Health £10.............-........... 2 + Bonus £20.............-................3 £25.............3............... - £50.............-............3 + Bonus £100...........4................- £250............-...............4 £1,000........5................- £10,000.......-............4 + Bonus £50,000..5 + Bonus.......- £100,000.....-...............5 £5m.........6....................- So harder to win and less money should you do so on the National Lottery. Get 5 balls and only get one grand?!?
  • Jessie J.
    Blocked! I think not! Postcode Lotto FTW!! Wear my hat low, like you.
  • tony
    i think a campaign should be started to boycott the rip off lotto should be renamed lesso a lot lesso

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