The Japanese KitKat that could possibly taste of cat's pi...

Here’s some more mid-blowing food from Japan, the fictional land that has surely been beamed back to the rest of Planet Earth from the future. Following the recent discovery of the bacon potato pie that is exclusive to their McDonald’s outlets, we note that another well-known brand are also unafraid to try out new wild and wacky combinations of flavours on the Japanese public.

Apple Vinegar KitKat anyone? Bleeeuurgggh!


  • Tom P.
    The japs always get the best stuff !!
  • veedubjai
    "Apple Vinegar KitKat anyone? Bleeeuurgggh!" Don't knock it until you tried it.
  • Kat
    I think it's a translation error, rather than vinegar the characters look like cider, which in Japan is a sweet apple drink (non alcoholic). It's probably what we'd call a KitKat Appletise (which OK sounds just strange!!)

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