The iPhone 5 experiment - what fresh hell is this?

Don't get us wrong - we're expert blaggers in the Bitterwallet office, and will happily sponge off others if it saves us a few quid.

Rob Shoesmith is taking scrounging to a whole new level of stupid, however. He's created the 'iPhone 5 Experiment' - an audacious attempt to sit on his arse outside the Apple Store on Regent Street and queue until the iPhone 5 is launched. He has one rule - he can't spend any money while he waits, so Shoesmith will be either begging for Subway meal deals or eating out of bins.

This would be a mildly interesting marketing stunt for Shoesmith, a binman and iPhone app developer, if he was already queuing outside the Apple Store - or at least intended to sometime soon. Instead, he hasn't actually announced a date on which he'll be starting, meaning he's blagging an awful lot of goods from companies without bothering with the actual queuing bit.

Of course the issue is that no date has been announced for an iPhone 5, and even the rumours of when it will be are hazy at best. But isn't the point that he queues until it is launched? Did we miss something here? Still, he's been donated a tent. Good luck pitching that on the pavement, you daft tit.


  • patrick
    So why are you posting his video and making it spread around? you're just as bad as this sad pr*ck i think!
  • Steve
    Nob jockey alert!
  • Tony
    Why not support him? He seems to have had a good response and his idea is building momentum...
  • Paul
    I think it's a cool idea. In a world where there is so much doom and gloom it's refreshing to see something creative. Best of luck Rob!
  • Andrew
    Having read this guys blog he says that he is eatig Michelin starred food from a top London restaurant. Kind of ironic lol. Or is that the point of the experiment?
  • Simon S.
    I think it's very cool. I think I can see a case of sour grapes. The Internet is very quick to slag people off. Trolls I call them. If you had bothered doing your research you would have found Shoesmith has bettered himself. He was working as a bin man and has changed career and grabbed a lot of editorial space. I work in PR and think the idea is genius. In our industry it's about doing something different and some negativity is good as it creates debate which helps the story spread.
  • Tony
    The internet isn't to blame entirely. The feeling of resentment against the hard work and efforts of others seems to be endemic in society. I work very hard running my own small business, which needs some publicity. However, I wouldn't have the balls to do what this guy is doing. It's a big undertaking and he's seeing it through. It isn't about the free stuff; if you read his blog you will see that he spends a lot of time crediting and promoting the companies that donate to him. Remember, he's going to be on the street in London for a while, giving him a chance to test the things he has been donated. It's a genius idea on so many levels. Looking forward to seeing him featured on the Gadget Show! Before jeering at this guy. Take a look at his blog. What's a bit of support going to cost you?
  • Ricky
    Tony, I agree - it's a unique way to generate exposure and build relationships as a result of this. It could take someone years to find the contacts he will generate from this.
  • gibbo
    Tony, I agree about it not being about getting his hands on all the free stuff. It's nice to see someone taking a risk and running with an idea. I believe the experiment is about how Apples huge marketing power draws bloggers and companies to jump on the Apple PR wagon.
  • Andrew
    I took it upon myself to google 'Paul Smith', which led me to an easily found Wikipedia page. From here, I found a link to a similar social media experiment that Smith undertook, called Twitchhiker. It would appear that under the rules of his very own 'experiment', Smith travelled the world (seemingly for free!), relying on the goodwill of others. I've never seen such hypocrisy!
  • Charles
    Paul Smith I believe you've missed the point here. He appears to be an honest chap who's not trying to fool anyone. Looking at his blog, he seems to have acquired many donation so he's being noticed.
  • Andy D.
    Wow - what an amazing response! A huge bunch of positive comments, all within the space of 90 minutes! What's even more amazing is that the comments from 'Gibbo', 'Ricky' and 'Simon Stephens' ALL CAME FROM THE SAME IP ADDRESS!! Fuck off you AstroTurf bell-ends. If indeed there is more than one of you...
  • Derek
    Paul/Andy, this daft tit ex-bin man has a huge following Rob Shoesmith 3695 followers on Twitter Bitterwallet 1894 followers on Twitter Stick to giving us tips on where to buy cheap washing powder, thanks lads...
  • Billy
    Derek, Twitter is a pile of shite nowadays. As soon as the iphone has an expected launch date, I'll be top trumping the fucker and positioning myself in front of the queue. Meanwhile, I'll be using Robs blog to identify the companies who 'sponsor' him and using that info and the list of donated gifts as an inducement to other companies who would also like to trump him. Much better to be associated with the fella at the head of the queue eh. Sometimes you can speak too much and as BW has stated, there's not a lot of info when this 'camping' trip starts. Fuck it, I'm off tomorrow.
  • Billy
    Dammit, still in mod status - guess it must have been a sweary word. ^^^^^^
  • Andy D.
    Hi Derek, my own personal account (@profanityswan) has 3863 followers on Twitter. And my @DianaInHeaven account has 43,462. Your point is what exactly? Oh, and it also seems that the 'binman' studied Internet Marketing at university a few years ago...
  • Andy D.
    Oh, and the earlier comments from 'Andrew' and 'Paul' both came from VERY similar IP addresses as well. So that's most of the initial comments from yesterday then. And all of them favourable. Hmmm....
  • Paul S.
    Jesus wept. 1) If this is your first time here, which it clearly is, it's called Bitterwallet for a reason. 2) If you bother to read the post above, the issue isn't with the idea. It's that there's no date for Rob getting on with doing any of this. Having balls would be saying: 'Right, regardless of when it launches, I'm going to go and sit outside the Apple Store from 1st July and stay there until the iPhone 5 is launched'. As it is, if Apple give two weeks notice of the launch, queuing for that length of time would be no more impressive or an experiment than what fanbois currently do. 3) Whoever is relentlessly trolling the comments need to learn how IP addresses work.
  • yak
    i hope he doesnt get stabbed, would be awful… …and whats wrong with being a bin-man, at least in my home town they make a tidy whack, and the only people who would describe marketing slime as being 'better' than anyone else would be those self same marketing slimeballs…
  • PokeHerPete
    @Simon Stephen - "Trolls I call them." Shit man, thats a brilliant word you just coined to describe those people. I think that will pick up and be used widely across the internet! You are a cunt, almost a big as Shoesmith. So he hasn't actually done it yet? What a fraud then, Im gonna queue until the iPhone 5 is released too, from the night before its released. I bet hes not even a iPhone developer, or even owns a iPhone.
  • Boris
    I am going to queue AFTER the iphone is realeased; probably several days after. I'm going to queue in Morrisons for bacon because it tastes a lot better than a phone and it's a lot cheaper sinse the Bacon Bubble burst last week. Now I WANT some free stuff so send it to me at the usual address PS: If you want to conduct and experiment on iPhone 5 fans I have some fairly clean pliers and clove oil.
  • Arnie
    Where do i send one of my turds to?
  • Weebz
    I can see this backfiring horribly when somebody decides to liberate him of his shiny freebies.
  • Jimmy R.
    I hope tramps force their way into his tent and rape him.
  • Dave
    I'd like to start a campaign... if you see this idiot's tent... and he's inside... glue the zipper shut and tie it to the nearest parked car!!
  • Weird F.
    [...] First in line for the iPhone 5 File this one under ‘massive marketing stunt’, but binman-turned app developer Rob Shoesmith has decided to give up his work and sit outside the Apple store from now(ish), living on scraps and handouts until the launch of the iPhone 5. Well… that’s the plan, anyway. So far he’s just collected freebies without doing any actual queuing. [...]
  • Call b.
    [...] First in line for the iPhone 5 File this one under ‘massive marketing stunt’, but binman-turned app developer Rob Shoesmith has decided to give up his work and sit outside the Apple store from now(ish), living on scraps and handouts until the launch of the iPhone 5. Well… that’s the plan, anyway. So far he’s just collected freebies without doing any actual queuing. [...]

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