The Internet - the song

6 June 2011

What is The Internet? In a way it’s like a massive telephone directory, but in other ways, it’s kind of like a giant art gallery. Or an invisible shopping mall. Or a tiny universe that you can keep in your pocket.

In truth, it’s all of those things and more. But how would you put it into a song. Impossible eh? No, not impossible. That’s because some Mexicans have done it. Perfectly.

[thanks to Len Dastard]


  • Boris
    This is proof that God exists.
  • Terry
    Does this mean they still use dial-up in Mexico?
  • Alex
  • RebelNine
    El Internet!? It'll never catch on...
  • edd
    The Mexican drug has now spilled over into Outer space.... Are these members of the El chupacabra cartel....

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