THE Hottest Gift In The USA This Christmas

We bring you a video report, courtesy of ONN, the Onion News Network.

(Which means it isn't real. Okay?)

Aunts And Stepdads Line Up For This Year's Hottest Gift: The Electric Tea Kettle


  • Martin
    Love the bit about 1.25 onwards
  • Mike
    Is this a joke?
  • Jack
    Mike, are you serious. Lol, good video - I liked the the bundle thing.
  • janaltus
    This is hilarious. Good on yer' ONN! Seriously though, we Brits used to have a hard time purchasing electric tea kettles whenever we visited the USA. In the UK I guarantee that almost EVERY home has one (even those occupied by nephews, nieces and estranged children). As for cat shaped tea caddies for those under 50s, I can't say I've found one yet - but I'll keep looking.
  • tony
    haha, brilliant. very funny.

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