The hottest deal ever - available from Amazon now!

Wow, Amazon really is the place to pick up anything these days - including Uranium Ore:

Bitterwallet - Uranium ore on Amazon

As you'd expect, it's the sort of stuff that is a real crowd pleaser with the Amazon community of reviewers, who are flocking to comment on this fantastic bargain:

I very desperately needed this to get back to 1985. Lo and behold, once my DeLorean reached 88 mph, the flux capacitor finally fired back up and brought me home. Thanks, Amazon! You've saved my life!

I got this for the kids and they have a great time throwing it at each other and the pets. They put it in the pool and now I have to deal with some angry things from the center of the earth.

I recently purchased a 3-wolf moon t-shirt from Amazon, and my expectations were exceeded. All the things other reviewers said were true - it's a truly mystical shirt. However, despite all the wonderful things that were happening in my life because of wearing the shirt, I couldn't stop thinking about how much better it would be if the wolves glowed in the dark. Then I stumbled upon the perfect solution - uranium ore! I simply rubbed some on each wolf, and they haven't stopped glowing for three weeks. Another plus of this particular method of making the wolves glow is that the skin under the wolves always feels nice and warm - I don't even need a coat in the winter. Uranium ore is great for this purpose, or for anything else you need to make glow, including children and pets (they're so easy to find now!). I highly recommend this product.

I bought this the other day and it came in the mail today. I then uploaded a video and sent the link to the French. Within the hour they have surrendered. Thank you, Uranium Ore - I now have my own country to run.

I purchased this product 4.47 billion years ago and when I opened it today, it was half empty.


  • mustafa
    I'm baffled
  • goon
    last review was mildly ammusing
  • mark
    Confused. Surely you can't buy this stuff? the company selling it exists and sells scientific equipment but still really uranium ore?
  • mark
    they also sell UFO detection kits!

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