The home that rocks - it's a cave, man!

25 February 2009

Got no money? Kids eating one another's limbs to survive? Having to whore your tuppence to sailors and middle-aged sales executives? No problem! Go live in a cave!

Everyone's doing it - the Indians of In-Ko-Pah, King Robert the Bruce, Stig of the Dump. All you need is a cave and hey presto! You have a house!

Except. Wait. Oh. The family who bought this cave in Missouri can no longer afford the mortgage payments because of the recession. Yes, if you live in the US they'll even give you a mortgage for a cave, which is primarily the reason we're in a recession. If you want it (it's finished now), it's yours for £300,000 $300,000. For a cave. Brilliant.



  • aya
    It's not £300,000, it's $300,000. And to be fair, it's a desperate plea to finance their home or they could lose it all within 90 days. Be nicer, BW.
  • David L.
    Why's this bad? The Troglodite area in Spain is really popular with buyers, who want to live in ... a cave. Why? Simple - the temperature is constant, so lower heating bills. The maintainance is less - no roof tiles, walls, etc. to maintain. Here you get a LOT of space for your money. They've not made full use of the space, but it'd be equivilant to a 6-7 bed 3-storey house.
  • P E.
    it looks pretty big, almost cavenous!
  • Liam
    They could of designed it to be like the Bat Cave, then they would have an instant buyer.
  • Jim
    I would love to live in a cave.
  • Pokey
    Why the sarcasm? Caves have long provided quality homes for people, well before everyone started living in inefficient porous brick boxes.

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