The hazards of charity shop shopping...

naked_When times are tight, turning to charity shops could seem like a good idea. It’s a win/win situation- charities get cash and you get a cheap deal. But it seems even shopping at charity shops is too hot for some.

Police in Wiltshire are looking for a ‘polite’ man who likes to get back to basics when doing his charity shopping. The man in question tried on a number of items of clothing in the shop in Malmesbury, before deciding to peruse the shoe section with naked feet. As well as a naked everything else. The shop assistant asked the “flabby and rounded” man to please put his clothes back on, and he did so, before leaving the shop.

The man is described as being aged between 40 and 45, of stocky build and between 5ft 6ins and 5ft 8 ins tall. He has brown and grey hair cut in a short back and sides, and was wearing a pink tee shirt, medium grey joggers and dark training shoes. At least some of the time. Anyone with any information on the charity shop streaker is asked to contact Wiltshire Police.

Spoilsports. That was the best thrill some pensioners have had in ages...


  • bob
    Salmon, not pink.... I was wearing a salmon T-shirt actually. What sort of man do you think I am???
  • Jack S.
    Think of the two poor old ladies in there at the time. One of them had a stroke. The other one couldn't reach.

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