The greatest opening hours of all time...

As spotted by avid Twitter user @stuheritage, who may or may not be considering a visit to Mysteries, a London-based 'centre for your mind, body and spirit'...

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 11.30.01


  • Drunkmonkey
    Ahh this is standard nlp stuff. Not the norm. Bollox.
  • Clunge
    Best one I saw was a crappy little corner shop in Torquay that had a barely legible sign sllotaped to the door saying "OPEN 7 DAYS (CLOSED TUESDAY)".
  • Sweaty G.
    Best one I saw said "you are all cunts, now fuck off."
  • Sawyer
    At least it isn't ambiguous. I still haven't worked out whether a certain business near me that closes at "12:00pm" is open until noon or midnight.

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