The greatest firework display of all time (well, in 2012)

6 November 2012

Remember last year’s ‘explosive’ firework display in Oban? Oh dear, it happened again last night, in Oxgangs Brae, Edinburgh, at the Pentland Community Centre...

Sorry, but it’s time that ALL firework displays were like this. In and out, get the job, then we all go home before our bits and/or bobs start to drop off in the cold.



  • Avon B.
    Didn't this happen last year too in ScotlandLand?
  • catweazle
    Scottish tradition, let em all off at once to avoid wasting valuable drinking time.
  • Chewbacca
    ^what a fucking nob. You english are just jealous because you know we'd fucking kill you all given half the chance. Although, saying that, there are only abou 500 real English people these days.
  • foxes
    I think there appears to be a skills shortage in Scotlandland (is it called that now?) with regards fireworks management. Hopefully they'll sort it out before Independence from England so they can celebrate properly.
  • yak
    chewbacca in 'aggressive scot after night of drinking shocker!!'
  • 9-eyes
    Chewbaccas comments on BW consistently remind us all that the Scottish are an inferior bunch of smack addicted and/or alcoholic twats with nothing worth contributing to society other than stupid and often embarrassing blog remarks.
  • HW
    And 9-eyes has just reminded us that the Engerlish are just a bunch of inbred Germanic cunts, who have no land to historically call their own. Oh and that everyone fucking hates them. Fact.
  • Dick
    Why do Scots even celebrate the burning of Guy Fawkes? Half of them seem to want to blow up the UK Parliament anyway. Fortunately most of them are so addicted to Irn Bru / Tennent's / buckfast that they cannot make it past Manchester before they need to turn around and get their next fix.
  • 9-eyes
    HW, your assumption that I'm Engerlish is incorrect. But I do quite like the English; much more so than those pesky Scots. I also despise Apple and their followers. Apple and Scots; my two pet hates.
  • 9-eyes
    Oh, and olives. Cant stand those little fuckers.
  • Tom
    'Oh, and olives. Cant stand those little fuckers.' Fucking racist.
  • badger
    The scotch want control of the oil rigs and they can't control a match? Not a good start.
  • Mr. P.
    They can't control football matches either - they keep losing them.
  • HW
    9 eyes- when did i say you were english? Badger- You talking about whisky? Not sure how an alcoholic liquid would control a rig... Pr. Patel- where did they lose the football match? Behind the sofa?
  • badger
    @HW I did it deliberately because I know how much they hate that.
  • catweazle
    Chewbacca Awae an pish up yer kilt

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