The great Kellogg's Cornflakes swindle

From avid Bitterwallet reader Michael: "Witnessed today in Hatfield Tesco - almost four times the price for lazy bastards that can't be bothered to take a bowl to work in the morning! Perhaps if they came with a hot blonde to spoon feed them to me?"

Of course it isn't really "cereal to go" at all - unless you enjoy eating dry cornflakes with your hands. This is for a niche market of office workers that can't be arsed to remember a bowl, but can be arsed to buy milk and a spoon. What's that? Most offices have milk and spoons? Probably - and most have crockery, too.

Bitterwallet - corflakes are very expensive

We wouldn't know whether to eat these cornflakes for breakfast or serve the individual flakes as entreés at the ambassador's party; these cornflakes are more expensive than fresh tuna (£1.99 per 100 grams), fresh Sirloin steak ((£1.42) and Tesco Best tiger prawns (£2.35).

Frankly, if you're dim enough to pay nearly £3 for 100 grams of cereal, you deserve everything, you buffoons.


  • will
    i'd hate to see what they would charge if it did come with milk & a spoon! p.s. 30g of cornflakes is NOT breakfast. i don't care how rushed you are in the morning - just wake up 15 minutes earlier and have a decent sized bowl at home.
  • akiss
    The pot tastes nice tho.
  • Nobby
    I don't see the problem. Small packets of things are nearly always more expensive by weight than large packets. What next? An article on the price of those small boxes / variety packs of Kellogg's, where not only do you pay more, you always get at least one packet that nobody wants. They are offering a choice. If people don't want them, they won't buy them, and these will eventually disappear from the shelves as they are not economic to sell.
  • Sh
    If you don't win today's iPod touch, then add the fit blonde ijustine on facebook for a chance to win
  • PaulH
    Nobby if you want informative articles then head over to you slag!
  • Alexis
    What is it with the standard portion size of 30g? That's a child's portion.
  • Bazinga
    They make good plant pots afterwards?
  • Simon
    I agree with the 30g portion size being pathetic. I once tried the Special K two weeks diet, which was a 30g portion for breakfast and lunch followed by a decent dinner. I had to have three doughnut burgers with extra ketchup and fries on the side, just to get my calories into four figures! I'm not surprised a person can drop a jeans size in two weeks, they're basically missing two meals a day!
  • Fuck S.
    Fucks sake, whatever next, soya noodles in a pot for lazy bastards that can't take eggs and flour into work with them? Lazy fuckin' cunts!
  • Nice R.
    I love leaving out the pots for the foxes to come into the garden and much on the tasty cornflakes inside.
  • Darren
    @Nice Bitterwallet Ready Does that work the same as Wellie's and Sheep?
  • kev
    another slow news day?
  • Colonel S.
    I re-use my plastic cornflakes bowl every day, but put 32g of Tesco value cornflakes back in it. Take that Kellogs.
  • Felacio N.
    And it's always slow news day on Bitterwallet kev you moron.
  • Boris
    Fools! There is a plastic bag inside the normal boxes just pour your milk into that and munch away. It lasts three of four days easily. It's not just for Crunchy Nut's you know.
  • Wibble
    I added boiling water up to the mark, stirred, left for 3 minutes and stirred again. Unsurprisingly, it tasted like corn porridge. Cunts.
  • zax
    There's no excuse for going to work without having breakfast at home. I get up and put half a bowl of milk in microwave for 2 mins. and then drop corn flakes and let it soak. I come back after washing face, ironing and gulp it down in 1 minute.
  • Shinobi5
    thers already shitty 30g serving with milk, sugar and a spoon in it's own bowl that u can buy from petrol stations? why?
  • parpparp
    £30 a kilo

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