The great Argos rip-off sale?

argos aliens Avid Bitterwallet reader, Chris McMullen, got in touch to tell us about something fishy going on at Argos.

Argos have some clearance items on sale, but what they haven't told you is that a number of the items were already reduced to a price lower than their sale offerings.

You'll be wanting some proof won't you?

Have a look at this tablet dock currently on sale for £6.99. That's half price according to Argos! Well, not too long ago, Argos were selling it for £1.99. In Argos' defence, in the small print on the item, it does say that it was for sale for £1.99, but it isn't exactly obvious.

Argos are selling a number of toys that were cheaper before the sale price too. One HUKD user said that they "ordered the Apparat 7" accessory pack [for] £1.99 I was a day late collecting it the price shot up to £35.99 .....inflation or wot?????"

OR WOT?????? indeed!

Of course, Argos won't be the last and certainly aren't the first to do something like this with sale items, but it is worth shouting about because, if you're thinking about getting stuck into the Argos clearance, it is good to know that you can check the 'additional information' just beneath the product spec, so you can be sure you're getting a bargain, rather than something that has been jacked up in the sale, when it was previously cheaper.


  • Coran
    Is this a story? Does a sale always have the be the cheapest the item has ever been? My understanding was a sale was simply something significantly cheaper than it normally is, and this is backed up in law in that an item must be at a certain price for so long before it can be classed as a "sale". It may well be rubbish value, but that's up to the consumer to research and decide..
  • Billy B.
    When I purchase something from Argos I always look to see what it have been previously sold for and if its lower than the current price I will look elsewhere. Also if you dont pick up your item in time - you will have to pick it up at the new price - however if you have reserved it at the lower price they will honor this if you pick it up in time.
  • CZ
    Please name another Retailer who freely offers the lowest price they ever sold an item at for all to see. I cant think of one.
  • steph
    Bit of a non-story really. Argos do show the lowest price, how obvious does it need to be? Big flashing neon signage? Its a shop, they have sales and promotions all year round, sometimes you can snap up a bargain, sometimes you pay a little more. Ive had some great 75% off bargains is Argos recently.
  • Thingonaspring
    I turned up in plenty of time for an item I reserved, but they'd more than doubled the price and told me reserving it at one price doesn't guarantee anything.
  • kingly
    There should be a lot of items going into the clearance since new catalogue launches on 25 july, so keep an eye out for those bargains steph.
  • News P.
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