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1355018_1 Games? Tea and coffee? Hot phone chat with Mickey Mouse? Oh yes, they’re just some of the rabbits that we’ve pulled out of the magic hat that is the Freebies section at HotUKDeals. Dig in, boys and girls!

FREE BLACKBERRY UNLOCK CODE: What more is there to say about this? It’s a BlackBerry unlock code!

FREE GAME: Not just any old game – this is Battlefield 1942 for your PC. You probably paid £20 for it a load of years ago. Not any more.

FREE CALENDAR: And helpfully, it’s a 2013 one! It comes from Trex, the baking people as opposed to the glam rock sensations.

FREE TEA AND COFFEE: Because there’s always free tea and coffee. This is at Café Nero, but you’ll need to be an O2 Priority Moments user for it.

FREE MICKEY MOUSE PHONE CALL: Pick a time and your kids will get a phone call from Mickey Mouse. Or you will – depends if that’s what you’re into.

FREE COFFEE: MORE free coffee? Oh yes. This is a sample of Roast & Ground and it’s free. HotUKDeals user mhadley describes it as ‘nice coffee’.

(Freebies found by HotUKDeals members StevenA2000_uk, gamestraderjames, purple22, rupagraphics, Bri69uk and myHedgehog)

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  • pessimistic c.
    There's no such thing as a free Mickey Mouse phone call.

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