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free_nelson_mandela_dog_shirt-p15542887635952946722l08_400 Put your money away folks, it’s no good here – that’s because it’s time for the best of the freebies that have been posted up on HotUKDeals over the past few days.

FREE HERBAL ESSENCES SHAMPOO: A free sample, straight through your mail-hole and, with some help from yourselves, straight on to your head.

FREE SUPER SERUM: It sounds mildly filthy but it’s actually Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum. No, us neither.

FREE INSTALLED SMOKE ALARMS AND FIRE SAFETY CHECK: Yes ladies, it’s the chance to get a real live fireman in your house. The government will probably do away with this soon so get some while you can before the streets are littered with jobless arsonists.

FREE TEA: Not just any old tea, this is Dilmah tea, Ceylon’s freshest and finest apparently.

FREE 2011 CALENDAR: Okay, so it isn’t 2011 yet, but it probably will be sooner or later so it’s time to start planning ahead with this, from the Rosenberg cheese people. Who may or may not be made of cheese...

FREE JOHNSON’S BABY SOOTHING NATURALS: More gunk for the skin. End of.

(deals found by HUKD members tkelo, holly100 mdekq007, Amar Gorania and sameena1)


  • maxtweenie
    The Rosenborg calendar always has money off coupons with it, and some good recipes too. Well worth the price lol.
  • dunfyboy
    Just re-use your 2005 calendar.
  • Chung R.
    Another awesome blog! Definitely can't wait for more!

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