The golden coin machine that could make you rich... eventually

Throw away your magic beans forever and forget about your incredible ability to chew pennies and shit out ten pound notes. Here is a gizmo that will change your life forever (in these trying economic times)

It’s a Golden Coin Maker, and although we’re not completely sure about how it works, the gist seems to be that you can put melted chocolate into it and it’ll somehow turn it into pure gold.

Of course, there’s an initial outlay for the equipment itself but it’ll soon pay for itself once you’ve put in a few months of solid gold coin making...

Screen shot 2010-11-17 at 09.54.20

(thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Joanne)


  • Darren
    Who Cares?
  • W.H.O C.
    Who Cares !
  • fghidosfgq
    any QUIDCO?
  • I C.
    Who Cares?!
  • PFC H.
    Who gives a fuck? (Am I doing it right?)
  • ligh7
    The alternate schedule book.

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